[Random] R.I.P. Kitchen Faucet

I didn’t have time to write much of a post today as I wrestled with the kitchen sink faucet this afternoon. It started dripping a while ago and the temporary fix was to place the tap square in the center to turn it off.

We had a couple of leftovers from the bathroom renos to return to Lowes (hardware store) this morning, and while there I grabbed a new cartridge and set of gaskets to fix the leak. Moen faucets come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can go to any hardware store that sells them for free parts. I picked up a new cartridge and gaskets and set to work on it after lunch.

The instructions and YouTube videos all made taking the tap apart look easy, but after 16 years of service, the integral workings turned out to be corroded. The thing is disintegrating from the inside. Dang.

It will probably be a pain to get a free replacement for it from Moen and we are going to need a kitchen faucet sooner than later. I’ll probably be installing a new one tomorrow.

Well, I did make time for some fun today with an appearance on The Vinyl Collection this tonight. I talked about all of my recent pickups and there are a few surprises backed into the episode as well. At least that was good times!



  1. Some pro tips.
    Watch From Hare to Heir Looney Tunes to observe pc non swears from Yosemite Sam.
    Take everything out from under sink.
    Get a pillow or 2 (or bag of dog food) to lay on.
    When you are done put paper towel under sink and leave for a few days to watch for any leaks.

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  2. I admire your fix-it-myself skills. Me, I would call a plumber for an old faucet like that. Yes, there is added cost, but they would come and put it in as if it was no big deal. They’d also likely replace the supply lines and clear the drain and have it all done in no time. Plus they would put their tag on it, so if there were any immediate problems they would just come back and fix whatever it was.

    I am not emasculated by this line of thinking. I don’t lose any Dad Points. I think of it as practical. If I tried it, I might succeed and be fine. Or I might be calling a plumber anyway to come fix whatever I screwed up. Anything plumbing, electrical or automotive, I let people who have been trained to do it complete the work.

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    1. This is were you and I differ. My Dad was a super handy man so I picked up on a lot of stuff. I do wish I would have payed more attention to a lot of it though, lol

      I never pay someone for a job I can do myself. A lot of it is so easy once you learn how. Then you really see how they are ripping you off. I redid the bathroom and bathtub faucets so I can’t see this one giving me too much trouble. It felt great to get those jobs done myself. And now I know I can handle whatever problems the might give me in the future.

      Knowledge is power!


      1. I fully agree with that too. But while I am REALLY good at taking things apart, not so much on fixing things. And my Dad was handy enough but he also deferred sometimes. So, with how little we actually ever need these people, it’s an acceptable cost. Like I say, I’m not emasculated by it, I enjoy the peace of mind. And to note: We have, over 16 years living here and through word of mouth, found the good ones. The decent contractors (and our mechanic) who are fair and don’t do unasked extras. So it’s all good.

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        1. Yeah, I hear you. I like learning how to do these things though. It feels great. I used to compliment my Dad all of the time on how much of a handy man he was. He would tell me all he learned was from doing. And it is true. I didn’t know how to install sinks two weeks ago. Now I do. Plus, YouTube makes things a bit easier today too. Anyway, the new faucet only took me an Northern Pikes album and part of a Junkhouse CD to install. Good times!


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