[Random] You’re So Vain | Carly Simon | AKA: Listening To A Song You’ve Only Heard Before

I’ve heard You’re So Vain by Carly Simon a million times before. In doctor’s offices, grocery stores, my Mom never switching the radio away from Sudbury’s best mix of soft rock from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, CJMX. But yesterday was the first time I listened to the song on my newly acquired copy of No Secrets. Isn’t it weird when you do this? I thought I knew this song and it turns out I don’t.

I never noticed that eerie bass intro before. Did they not play it on the radio? Perhaps the DJ usually talks over it. The bigger miss is Mick Jagger singing back up vocals. How could I have noticed that before? I thought maybe the radio used a single version that is different from the album track but it appears to not be the case.

Anyway, solid tune. Great lyrics with coffee and Nova Scotia getting a shout out!



  1. “Your scarf it was apricot”…
    That line just gives me a vivid picture of the guy.
    Listened to the song again and now I can totally hear Mick Jagger, but I never realized it before.

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  2. Mick Jagger sings backing vocals for “You’re So Vain”?!?! Really?!?! I did not know that and I’ve listened to this song quite a bit, thanks to American Idol getting it stuck in my head. How’s the rest of that ‘No Secrets’ album, by the way?

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  3. It is a great song and I think it was about Warren Beatty or someone famous like that. I think there a lot of songs that you hear all the time, but you haven’t really listened to it and I can imagine there would be a lot of surprises when you do.

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  4. It’s amazing what you can hear when you listen to a song coming through stereo speakers and not through the static of radio and your mother’s lecturing, eh? Lol

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