[Random] Happy Trails!

Sarah and I had a great hike today logging in over 10 km!

We’ve been on holidays for the past couple of weeks and we always set some time aside to check out the nature trails in York and the surrounding regions. The bathroom renos and getting our arses handed to us during the 2nd round of Covid 19 vaccine has made the trips more infrequent this year, but we had a corker of a day today. We drove 20 minutes to the Little Rouge Creek Woodland trail and soaked in Mama Nature:


Beyond the fence is a drop to the creek. There is a sign warning of erosion and to not get too close to the edge. As you can see by the trampled on area, most people ignore the warning while they hop the fence to get an ultimate view or take a spectacular selfie. It reminded me of Fascinating Horror’s YouTube video about people falling into the Grand Canyon while attempting to do the same.

I stayed safe and enjoyed the view from the look out, lol



  1. Great hike and enjoying mother nature! I’m off for two weeks starting on the 26th so if the weather cooperates by then we are planning on checking out some trails around here. Stuff is always around to do, ya just gotta look for it…

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  2. Awesome, I am ALL about the walks! So many great trails and walks in this province, and most people stay in and stare at their phones. Good on you for getting out and seeing it all! Also, I figure if they fall into the gorge because they ignored the sign, that’s not a tragedy. That’s justice. The sign exists for a reason.

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      1. Well, at a certain point you can’t call things ‘accidents.’ I mean, common sense abandons folks and things happen, so what they’re really saying is “I wish this hadn’t happened” and fair enough, but if they’d paid attention it wouldn’t have happened at all, and their day would’ve been different. I dunno, I figure signs like that were put there by folks whose job it is to be out there, and they know better than I do where the dangerous parts are. Any sensible person would stay back from a drop like that anyway, just by instinct, but the sign has to exist for the self-taking goofs who will fall and break their necks for social media likes. Sigh.

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        1. Yeah, I agree. I was just making a joke, lol That Fascinating Horror video is great though. So many people don’t believe that anything bad will ever happen to them. Where as I am just waiting for it, lol


          1. Because you have good sense! Texting while driving, ignoring signs, refusing to get vaccinated, lighting off fireworks from their crotches (this happened), and the list goes on and on, you’d swear some of our human race was blindly bent on self destruction through sheer willful ignorance.

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  3. Looking forward to hitting the trails myself very soon. My wife and I love a good hike but typically wait until the bugs die down around mid-August and go until first snowfall in November.

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    1. The misquotes haven’t been too bad this year. Still need bug spray though. Sarah gets busy with work in August so it is difficult to find time to go out then. But we both love August for that reason.


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