Top Debut Albums of All Time — We’ll List ‘Em on the LeBrain Train Tonight!

I’ll be on the LeBrain Train tonight talking about our top 11 favourite debut albums of all time! It will be fun to talk to the LeBrain crew again. It feels like forever since I was last on. As for my top 11 list, I have 10 albums mostly locked in and 20 others I’m considering for the 11th spot. Decisions! Decisions! Tune in tonight at 6:45pm EST!

The LeBrain Train: 2000 Words or More with Mike and Friends

Saturday July 9 – Episode 75 – Top Debut Albums of All Time

Our audacious panel is tackling a big list topic this week, brought to you by Kevin:  Top debut albums.  The graphic above is a mere tease.  Some of those albums might be on lists, some might not…you never can tell what you’re going to get with a rogue’s gallery like this:

In a show first, this will be Geoff’s debut as a participant and not just the scorekeeper/grapher!  This will be a lot of fun for us, and hopefully you as well.  Get ready with…

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