Collection Update | July 8th, 2021 | AKA: Road Trip!

It was lousy weather today but that couldn’t stop us for making our yearly road trip to Cobourg Ontario for a visit to Zap Records! We made loose plans to go today since it was a full two weeks since our 2nd shot and our bathroom renos are 98% done. The driving was a little white knuckle-ish at times, but we took our time and made it through the rain.

Since it was a weekday, we made sure to bring some change for the parking meter only to find out they don’t use change any longer! You have to download an app onto your phone and pay with a credit card. I guess we just take for granted that everyone has smart phones and plastic money these days. Anyway, this is what I got:

I found some FM and Nash the Slash I haven’t seen anywhere else. Aaron over at Keeps Me Alive is sending me FM’s Tonight on CD already, but this is GREEN vinyl. I couldn’t pass it up! The Motorhead album is a special two disc version of their first, On Parole. The rest is Saga’s World’s Apart, West, Bruce, Laige’s Whatever Turns You On, and two Mountain LPs, Avalanche and Twin Peaks which is a double live. Finally, The Rolling Stones Made In The Shade which I thought was a live album. Turns out to be a compilation. Oops. Well, at least it is a good one!


On our way back from Cobourg we stopped in at Kops Records in the ‘shwa and I think I did alright:

The Crazy Horse album is without Neil. I’ve streamed it before and it is pretty darn good. I’ve never seen it on vinyl before, so I thought I’d better snag it. They had Aldo Nova, Saga, and a bunch of Max Webster for solid prices, so they’re mine now. I picked up another copy of FM’s Black Noise in hopes that it would sound a little cleaner than the copy I have, but it is mostly fail. Well, it should make for a good gift for only $3 moosebucks.

They also started selling used CDs again. I keep telling myself that I can’t buy them because I don’t really have the room, but the prices are too hard to ignore. Pay no attention to the price tags because they had a whack deal where you if you bought $15 moosebucks worth, they would drop it to 10. So, the three Beatles Anthology albums had $10 moosebucks each on them, but they only charged me $20. Two of them were still sealed! Geez, I remember when they were $35-40 moosebucks a piece back in the day. Anyway, there is too much to go through it all. Just look at the photo and fire away if you have any questions!



  1. HAHAHA. I thought I made out great today but compared to you?? Not even close! I’m surprised to see you buying CD’s as they would make good coasters at my house now as mine are in boxes downstairs. lol
    Lot’s of nice vinyl. Nash The Slash what a character that guy was. That debut Aldo is great one as well and even a RSD purchase tossed in.
    Good scores fella!

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      1. It’s about the search. I went into the shop today not even thinking about Plant and well we know what happened. lol.
        Thats the best part not knowing and then going broke quick but having fun doing it.

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  2. Man, Zap Records really knows how to grab someone’s attention. I love the artwork on the window! Also, I really like this line because it’s so true, “I guess we just take for granted that everyone has smart phones and plastic money these days.”

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    1. It is funny because the street they are on has a real conservative look. They have to jam all of their flair into that window.
      I don’t know what they expect people who don’t have a phone or a credit card to do. I guess you would just have to park and hope to not get a ticket.

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      1. Oh wow, that’s pretty nuts. There was a skull in the window display too.

        I guess so. And it’s not like everyone has a smartphone, yet alone a credit card. Are all the parking meters like that or it was just for that one location by Zap Records?

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        1. We’re are just finding out now that they are like that in a lot of places in Southern Ontario. The meters at both Zap in Cobourg and Kops in Oshawa had them. It was nice how they both used the same app though.

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  3. If the Zap in Cobourg is at all like the Zap in Kingston, they usually have a good selection at good prices – and based on the photo, that appears to be the case!
    Bringing it all Back Home is likely my favourite Dylan

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    1. Iy is a great little store. Honestly, the prices at Kops is a bit better but Zap has some hard to find stuff.
      I always been partial to Highway 51 myself. But I have spent much time with Back Home.

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            1. lol, that’s true.

              Bill lent me his music hard drive once and I copied so many Gigs of Zappa off of him. All of it sounded great but it was too much for me all at once. I ended up getting rid of it all. I need to take Baby Steps with this stuff.

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  4. Nice haul, man… pick of the bunch is that Crazy Horse album. I reckon so anyhoo. That’s a favourite of mine.

    I’m interested to know how the Zappa comp is. I’ve decided it’s time to revisit his stuff in the hope maybe something connects this time around (I recently grabbed Apostrophe, Freak Out! and Hot Rats).

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    1. Wow, sounds like you are already on your way with Zappa! According to Mike, the comp is one of the best of all time!

      Yeah, I never see that Crazy Horse album, so I thought I better grab it. It is a good one!

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  5. Wow! You’ve got so much listening to do. Best feeling in the world! That Made In The Shade is a cool find.

    Also, the CD hasn’t shown up yet? Better be today (Monday), that’d be a week since I mailed it!

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      1. (fingers crossed) Although it’s moot now, you already bought it LOL! Ain’t that the way, eh? If I were slower getting to the post office you could have called it off lol oh well. Now you have two!

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