[Random] Rising Power | AC/DC fans.net Houseband

One of my favourite YouTube channels is acdcfansDOTnet and they have been scorching hot lately. For the last two years (or so) they have been forced to post their cover songs on facebook as the powers that be on YouTube keep pulling their work down. Not only have they finally been able to work out a deal to post on the platform, but the singer they added a few month ago can mimic Brian Johnson to near perfection. They have been going deep on the Johnson era as a result, playing the songs that they real deal has ignored for decades.

I know how cover songs are not for everyone, but I find them endlessly fun to watch. Be it a new take or an attempt to mimic the original as closely as one can, I just love to see it when it is done well.



  1. I watched their cover of “Inject the Venom” (with a different singer) and they kicked butt! I saw their “Fly on the Wall” cover too and was impressed that the bass player had his hair in his face and was head banging like Cliff did in the early days lol. Bottom line is these guys are great!


        1. I’m not sure. They’re just fans who met on a message board that got together. They haven’t even played in the same room together let alone live. I think they just found someone that sounds a lot like Brian.

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            1. I think they just work with random people in their group. It doesn’t seem to be a set line up. I is just that once they found this new singer, the old guy has been left on the bench, lol

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    1. I think there is an art to recreating the original. Howard Stern had on a band who recreated “A Day In The Life” from Sgt. Peppers. They even ran a air conditioner running in the back ground just like the original recording has when the piano fades out. I like that attention to detail.

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