Collection Update | July 3rd, 2021

Just a couple of records came in this week, both have been pre-ordered for a while.

Every good Tom Petty fan knows how he was not happy with his soundtrack/tie in album for the film She’s The One. I have yet to see the film (I hear it is not very good) but, I’m love the music from it! Many of the songs on the original album were leftovers from the Wildflowers sessions, an album that already received and extensive rerelease last year.

None of the Wildflowers songs are repeated on Angel Dream (Songs And Music From The Motion Picture She’s The One). This album has all of the non-Wildflowers tunes remixed (Reimaged is how thee album phrases it, but they are re-mixes) and four new songs. So, the answer is yes. Even if you have the original She’s The One soundtrack and the extended edition of Wildflowers, you still need this.


The other album that came in is Hound Dog Taylor’s Natural Boogie. I thought I would never own a copy of it.

Hound Dog Taylor was discovered late in life and he only recorded two albums before he passed away from lung cancer at the age of 60 in 1975. I have his first album, but have not been able to luck into getting his second, Natural Boogie until this week. Thank the vinyl gods for reissues!

I’ll be talking a bit more about these albums later tonight on Bill’s show starting at 8pm. Sarah will also be there to talk about her Peter Murphy records. Stop by and say Hi if you can!



  1. More scores. Going to have to call u money bags. lol, Sorry I missed the show last night as it was 41 degrees here yesterday and our house was at 92 degrees inside. lol
    Needless to say we were outside in the sweltering heat as opposed to being inside the
    Today and tomorrow more or less the same…
    funny how a few months back we were -40 and now were +40 lol…

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      1. By midweek its supposed to level out to 20-22 which is perfect but considering I took this upcoming week off it was a brilliant move on my part when I picked my summer holidays back in march. lol

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              1. I know Sunrise here has opened and there’s one used shop as well. So I may check out the used shop not feeling like going to the mall plus I’m still working through the 6 lbs of vinyl that came from Montreal. lol

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  2. Fan-tastic! Those Taylor albums are a must (and I must!). As for the Petty, I was telling my lovely wife abot it, all excited and set to order, and I was told that because I have a birthday coming soon enough I’m not allowed to buy anything more. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’m getting it for my birthday, but a sort of blanket preemptive strike lol. So, I must wait for the end of the month and the aftermath of acknowledging another trip around the sun. I love the She’s The One soundtrack, that whole period is a favourite of mine from him – I did at least one post about it, somewhere in the dusty KMA pages. I read one review of it that it’s really bottom-of-the-barrel scraping, but I don’t think that person gets it. I guess we wait and see what happens!

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