[Random] A Day in the Life of Mars

That Lana. Not only is she a terrific part of this community but is usually ready with a question I cannot simply answer with a sentence or two. Yesterday we started chatting about sleeping schedules. I’m an early riser and even while on vacation (like I am this week) I get up at 6AM. I think of it as sleeping in because I’m normally up at 4:30-5AM for work.

I made a joke about how I’m still not productive even if I do get up early, then she asked my what a typical day for me is when not working. Well… why not start with today?

My wife Sarah is the coffee guru around here. Part of her blog is dedicated to the jitter juice. She grinds her own beans and percolates on weekends. (Hey now!) Lately she hasn’t been getting up until 8AM or later, so I’m waiting a few hours to get my fix. Today, she just happened to get up with me, so I got her to show me the ropes. Tomorrow, I’ll be making my own perc coffee. Huzzah!

Breakfast was Rice Krispies and fruit while I read my book on the Megadeth album, Rust In Peace. Normally, I’ll dick around on the YouTubes in the morning, but I was talking to Deke about all the books he gets through and he said, “When I read a book, I stop everything else I’m doing until I finish the book”. Imagine that. You have to read these things in order to finishing reading them. I’m about halfway through and they’re only getting to the album now. So far been it has been about drugs, drinking, drugs, a little bit about Jesus, and drugs.

At 8AM I got started on painting and fixing up our basement bathroom. The walls have had this ugly yellow colour that we have wanted to change since we moved into this house 16 years ago. I tell Sarah all the time, you ask a man to do something and he will get to it… eventually. I did a lot of the prep work yesterday, cleaning the walls, removing the towel racks, and mudding some dents and holes, but I still had the taping to do. Sarah offered to help, and I took her up on it. I let her choose the music for the job and she asked for Judas Priest and Megadeth. No problemo. I grabbed Priest’s Screaming for Vengeance and Megadeth’s Countdown to Extinction. I also grabbed k.d. Lang’s Ingénue since I though I had never listened to it before. But it turns out I had. Anyway, all of the tunes were great. The taping took forever but were done with the first coat of paint by lunch.

After lunch (leftover Mexican noodles and two episodes of The Mary Tylor Moore Show) I had to wait until 2:30pm before I could start on the 2nd coat, so Sarah and I tackled the crack house bathtub/shower.

This needed a staggering amount of scrubbing. We went through numerous “magic erasers” from Mr. Clean but we got a lot of the grime off. The shower part of the tub was hastily installed by the previous owners and the caulking between the sections started coming undone and growing mildew. I scraped a lot of it off. Eventually, the job turned into a one man operation, so I painted the linen closest off to the side of the tub while Sarah took a deep dive on the more stubborn stains.


Before she wrapped up, Sarah announced that the tub drain was not salvageable and will need to be replaced. Guess who was going to remove it? I used my old trick of sticking needle nose plyers down the drain to catch onto the cross members and started turning counter clockwise. For the first time ever, the cross members snapped off. Shit.

After a several visits to YouTube, I finally found a strategy that worked. I cut into the drain with a hacksaw, then stuck a flat head screwdriver into the groove and started hammering. It took a lot of brute force, but the bastard finally came off.

Sarah was impressed by how little swearing there was.

After that, Sarah cleaned up the tub (again) and it was time for a 2nd coat. This time we listened to Disc 1 and Disc 2 of Oh, What A Feeling!, a four CD set of Canadian rock tunes that came out in the 1996 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Juno Awards, A.K.A. Canadian Grammys. It has a bunch of hits from the ’60s through to the ’90s.

It was close to 4pm by the time we were done, and I started on supper at 4:30pm after a little break. I get up early and I eat supper early. I also hate going to bed with a full stomach because I get heartburn. Speaking of heartburn, I normally don’t eat sausages because the nitrates are not good for the ol’ ticker, but these pork ones were on sale at the grocery store’s butcher and were too nice to resist.


My goodness, it was beautiful out! I was popping in and out of the garage all day with the door open, and it was hot and humid. Now, at 4:30, it was perfectly warm with no humidity. My Dad was always big on having a beer while he BBQ’d. I don’t normally, but I’m on vacation with perfect weather and we had one beer in the fridge.

This was tasty. I like my lagers with little to no hops taste to them.

I sat and drank while the flames did their magic to the sausages.


I was good and hungry by the time they were done a little after 5pm. I had two of them! I like my buns warmed on the grill and I usually just have mustard and onions for condiments. But Sarah turned me onto this dill relish that is quite delicious as it tastes just like copped dill pickles. A new fav!

There was temptation to eat outside but the kids on the other side of the fence were having a pool party, so we took it to the basement to watch today’s movie, Rush Hour 3. Oof. Some of the “jokes” have not aged well!

After the movie, the kitchen was cleaned and I showered. I usually shower in the evening. Another habit I picked up from my Dad. There is nothing like one after puttering around the house all day. Sarah threw on CNN and I yelled at the TV over Bill Cosby for a minute. I then headed out to the backyard and typed this out on the laptop. Pretty much a perfect day for me. I’ll hit post, then go back into the house and read more of my book until bedtime. This is probably more than Lana asked for but there is no subject I enjoy talking about more than myself.



  1. This has to be the best ever “what I did today” posts ever. I guess I should clarify when I read a book I set aside time to do it but not all in one sitting. I would be at divorce court if I tuned the whole house out! lol
    Great action pics of your sausages being cooked on the grill lol. I’m like you Kev. I’m up at 5 am and were the same as well eating between 430-5 pm daily. Sleeping in is until 6am lol
    Great stuff and that Mustaine book is a great read. Dysfunction sells

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    1. Thanks, Deke! I took it that you meant during your free time, not your family time. I’m sure you’d be living in a shack with only your books to keep you company otherwise, lol I can see why they set up Rust In Peace with all of the drug abuse. They really had to support each other in sobriety to get that album done.

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  2. Great read Kevin! Perfect description of your day as it’s very well detailed. You read more of your Megadeth book, painted your basement bathroom, cleaned the grim off the tub, cleaned the tub again after the damage from the tub drain, and had hot dogs for dinner! Sounds very productive to me! 🙂

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  3. Wow! That is a great description and a busy day. Those sausages looked great and I myself love the mustard and pickle relish on mine as well. Onions, only if they are around, but not too many because they actually give me heartburn. Good stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

              1. Yeah I just got some LP frames from Michaels and some old Rush LPs from work that were so hacked no one wanted them. Threw the LPs in the frames, instant cool. I did a post about it somewhere on the KMA. Called it Rush-cue Mission, something like that.

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