[Random] Derek and the Dominos | Live | Johnny Cash Show

Clapton may have lost his mind recently, but he was dang cool in the early ’70s. Imagine ripping a tune out like It’s Too Late after being introduced by Johnny Cash. I thought this appearance on the Johnny Cash Show couldn’t get any better… then 5:25 happened. I was pleasantly proven wrong. This is what music on network TV used to be like…


    1. I didn’t find out about it until he started making noise with Van Morrison sometime last year. It’s not the Clapton I thought I knew. Friends with Buddy Guy… he freakin’ did an album with BB King from petes sake!

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      1. A man who made a career out of black music too. Blamed it on the drink at the time, in my experience drink just brings out what’s already inside you (like it or not).

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