[Random] Double Vaxxed

Sarah and I got our second dose of vaccine yesterday afternoon. Yuzzah!

I didn’t post anything on the blog or on my socials when we got our first shot since it felt… well, I didn’t want to receive compliments or congratulations for doing something I should. Save it for when I go above and beyond. It happens about once or twice a decade.

But, I was watching TV and a doctor (A real one this time. Not Dr. Fever or Dr. Who.) said the best way average joes like me can to help IS to post when you get a shot. The people who are not willing to get vaccinated are not listening to experts. They are listening to family and friends. So, when they see me not grow an extra head they might be encourage get vaccinated. Ok, Doc. I got your back.


While the side effects of the first dose (Astra Zeneca) knocked me out for almost a week, this second round (Moderna) feels like I was hit by a Volkswagen Beatle instead of a Mac Truck. (Bumblebee instead of Optimus Prime for you kids out there). I’m functioning but I can’t wait for my work shift to end so I get home and crawl into bed.

We tried to better prepare this time since we were caught off guard with heavy side effects after round one. Sarah, who had the lighter symptoms, had to go out and get us food like broth, puddings, and Jello. It was all I could stomach. This time we shopped ahead of time and added some frozen meals incase we were both too wiped to cook.

Actually, Sarah shopped. I stayed in the car and listened to a live version of Rush’s La Villa Stangiato.

What we did forget is garbage day. The garbage pickup schedule in our town is really stupid. They come once a week for recycling and organic waste, but only pick up regular garbage every two weeks. If you miss a day, you are stuck with month old stink for another in two weeks. Also, it has to be at the curb by 7AM! And yes, they have shown up at 7AM with dash cam video evidence that your garbage was not out on time. I really do wish I was making this up.

I was only reminded of it being garbage day today after spotting our local free paper sitting in the driveway, which ironically enough, arrives on the same day. Sarah got hit a little harder with symptoms this time, but since I am useless, she still got up and helped me gather garbage before I had to leave for work at 5:20AM. What a sight that must of been. Two sad sacks gathering up bags of snot rags and Styrofoam meat trays at 5:15AM.

Anyway, the moral of the story is Sarah consistently goes above and beyond even when she is not at 100%. I couldn’t be more lucky to have her.



  1. Sweet story, Spider-Kev! Sarah is awesome.

    I’m starting to get a little anxious. We haven’t been able to rebook. I have a lot of needle anxiety and had a good experience last time, so I’m trying to get the same location again. Anything to ease my normal anxiety. So far no luck. Still booked for July 31, but everybody is leapfrogging us.

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  2. Just my opinion, but venues/bands/arenas/sporting teams etc. up here should follow some of the trends in LA and New York in which people that are not fully vaccinated are not allowed to enter.
    If I was an anti-vaxxer whack job, having my friends on social media tell me I got vaccinated would not sway me, but missing out on future concerts or sporting events would, especially after having already missed out on them for 15 months. That’s just me though. It probably won’t work for the devoted dicks like Ricky Schroeder.

    My wife and I are scheduled July 1st for our 2nd shot of Moderna (yayyy). Mike I am also afraid of needles, but I will say that I didn’t even notice the first one. Besides, if it potentially means the difference between living and dying, I wouldn’t care what the anxiety level I had, I would do it.

    As for my family my daughter is facing a dilemma(I thought it was dilemna, but apparently that is wrong.) She has has been told by one friend that she can no longer hang out with the large group until she has had both vaccinations. She has had Covid 19, and got over it. Plus she has had her 1st shot.
    From what I have read, people who recovered from Covid 19 are verrrrrry unlikely to ever get it again. She still is shunned by her friends and is depressed now. I really want her to get her 2nd shot sooner than me, but obviously I have no control over it.
    My neice had another dilemma. She was shunned by a close group of friends when she got her 1st shot. She’s diabetic, and has a sister with asthma, but she lost friends over getting her 1st shot.

    As for Doctors, in my opinion the Ontario/Canadian information about 2nd doses is wrong imo. These were the same Canadian doctors, including Canada’s “top” doctor Theresa Tam that told Canadians in March of 2020 that Canadians did not need to wear masks to avoid getting Covid 19. I go by the CDC. They say the 2nd dose of Pfizer should be 3 weeks after 1st, and 2nd of Moderna should be 4 weeks after. They should be as close to those dates as possible.
    However we experienced shortages up here so the Ontario/Canadian public was not informed of these deadlines.

    Also, the CDC states that if you had Moderna 1st (or Pfizer 1st) you should have the same formulation as your 2nd dose.
    As for you and Sarah, getting a Pfizer or Moderna as the 2nd dose is the right move imo. Az is less effective than the other 2. In the case above about banning people at concerts that were not fully vaccinated, this also included banning people that were fully vaccinated with Astrazeneca. I am not sure if that affected those that had Az first and Pfizer/Moderna 2nd or not. It seems a little unfair to those people, but I guess if they unfortunately got a weaker vaccine, they will have to boost it up with a stronger one.
    In the Ontario/Canada rush to get the country vaccinated they chose to ignore those warnings and give out either Moderna or Pfizer no matter what was given out 1st without warning to the public. Our government is probably more concerned about making Canada’s immunization numbers look good in the press than being concerned about individual issues.
    Our city has the same policy about garbage every 2 weeks as well. I asked my city council if that means we get a reduction in our taxes since they are only doing half the work, but they ignored me. Roughly a month ago there was an uproar in our community social media page. Apparently someone missed the garbage truck so they put a bag of garbage at a location around the corner.
    That person observed this on their webcam and informed the city which used the license plate to track the person down and fine them.
    I actually can be honest. I have dropped my garbage off at another persons curb, but not because I missed the garbage truck, but because they collected my garbage and somehow left a bag behind (it was winter and a few feet from the curb, so I think he just didn’t feel like grabbing it. Not sure).
    You don’t need us to tell you Sarah is awesome. You already know that.

    P.S. if anyone reads this and is concerned about the side effects after the shot, my wife and I had Moderna, and our daughter had Pfizer, and the worst we got was a sore arm for a few days. No more than that.
    Sorry for the long winded response. Cheers and stay safe all.

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    1. You left A LOT to unpack here, lol I’ll go paragraph by paragraph.

      I agree how myself posting on the socials is not something that is likely to change minds, but if I am part of a lot of people doing it… ya never know… Not Silver Spoon’s mind, but it might persuade some who is on the fence. Not going to concerts and sporting events could be a motivator too, but not everyone goes to them. I know people who have never been to a concert. Mind-blowing!

      I don’t know what to say about the treatment your daughter and niece got. None of that seems reasonable to me. If someone is willing to shun another over a Covid shot, they were never a real friend in the first place.

      Fauci said not to wear masks as well. They didn’t want people hoarding them (like they did with toilet paper) so health care workers and hospitals would have to go without. Plus, early on they thought Covid was transmitted by droplets on surfaces. So, I can’t fault them for changing their recommendations after learning new information. This was still a novel virus in early 2020 and they were still not exactly sure with what they were dealing with. So I cut them some slack.

      We didn’t choose which shot we got. We took what was first available. I think our government is just taking whatever vaccine they can get. They say it is fine to mix and match, so… who knows? I’m not a doctor and I might grow a third arm, lol

      I think garbage pick up every two weeks is unreasonable. Recycling is a complete joke, IMHO since it all ends up in the landfill anyway. I’d rather they drop recycling, force manufactures to make packaging more environmental, and go back to picking everything up with one truck.

      Sarah is so awesome!

      We both were running mild fevers yesterday and Sarah threw up last night. We’re a little achy today but are feeling better.

      Never apologize for long-winded comments!

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    2. Wow, this is some reply!
      When Andrew Cuomo first proposed their stadium seating arrangements as 50% vaxxed no social distancing, 50% unvaxxed social distancing, people on Twitter were all, “So if I lie about being vaxxed, I get to have a couple seats away from others? lol I have to admit, having a couple of extra seats between myself and some big sweaty person at Rogers Centre certainly sounds good to me…lmao. But, seriously, as much as I hope everyone gets vaxxed, preventing those that do not get vaxxed into a show, stadium, etc, really would incentivize them to.

      I concede that the vaccination strategy in Canada has been confusing and frustrating. The mask thing also should have just been made a thing way before it was, but there was a lot of confusion around COVID and how it was transmitted back then. Even now with guidelines saying we don’t have to mask up, I sort of feel like I want to continue for the next bit: aside from the protection it gives, I like the anonymity it affords.

      Last fall, the week after we turned the clocks back, I woke up past 6:50 AM, and didn’t get the garbage out until 7:30 AM. My neighbours on my side of the street also had their garbage out. They never picked up the bag. I contacted our garbage contractor about it, and they came back to say that they have “video evidence” that they passed my house at 7 AM and that my garbage was not out on time. Well then. I dunno, I think they hadn’t changed the clock on their video cam…or they used their quietest garbage truck ever. I didn’t push it with them, but still, grrr the nerve of those a-holes! Ever since, every.single.Thursday the damn garbage is put out BEFORE 7 AM. They have never shown up before 9:30 AM since.

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  3. Glad you both got yours now. I was lucky…no side affects but it knocked my wife out for a week.

    I’m shocked that people are still on waiting lists. I went in late April and they were begging people to come and when I came back for my second…again the place was almost empty. It was an abandoned parking lot that the city setup with tents and a drive through.

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      1. Nashville Tennessee… when they first advertised they mentioned by appointments only and that was thrown out the window…I went the second week it was open.

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        1. Doctors warned the Canadian government that we need our own version of the CDC up here, and that we needed to ramp up production of vaccines.
          That was in 2003 when Canada was hit with SARS. Both were ignored.
          Now our government is scrambling. They tried to make a deal with China which failed. We get our vaccines from Europe, but we compete with the entire world.
          USA produces the vaccines in the USA but will only use them for Americans. That is why there were no delays where you are.
          That is why concerts and sporting events are happening down there and we are barely out of lockdown up here.

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          1. Ok that makes sense. A month or so ago you guys were in lock down and here everyone is carrying on almost like normal and I was wondering. I’m happy that its now finally happening….but damn I feel guilty.

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            1. Do not feel guilty in the least. It was political. The common man on either side of the border had no say in what happened.
              We still are in what they call phase 1 of re-opening.
              No concerts. No haircuts. No indoor dining, etc.

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              1. Things here started that in late April and then by the last of May it was back to normal…to some degree. I think we went a little too fast but so far so good.
                Good luck with it…hopefully the whole world will get back on it’s feet soon.

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    1. Yeah, like Bop explained, the USA is way ahead of us. We were not sure if we were going to get our 2nd shot anytime soon until last week when the government got 9 million shots of Moderna to Ontario.

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      1. I do think Canada handled the situation better and was more careful when it was at it’s peak but yea I’m glad they are at least getting there now.

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    1. I started running a fever after I posted this and Sarah got it really bad. I’m a little achy today but feeling much better. I think people with double AZ shots are a rarity! You might be a collectors item.

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  4. Congrats on second shots! My lovely wife, my parents and my sister are all done both, I am booked Sep 21 for round 2. That doc was spot on – the dummies are more likely to listen to family of anyone at all.

    Our garbage here is a bit more relaxed about timing, they give a time of 9am I think, but our street is never done before 2pm. They only do garbage and recycle every two weeks, same day for each, with the city broken up into zones for who gets what day. It used to be once a week but someone behind a desk who knows more than common sense decided that was too helpful. That change happened right around the time we were changing our son’s diapers all week – yeah, imagine waiting two weeks to get rid of that bag. Nope. I started just taking garbage to the dump myself (he’s 12 now, so it’s been a while). It costs more to do so than at the curb, but I circumvent that by putting two bags in one contractor bag and paying for the one bag. Weight limit at the curb was 40lbs, last I checked, I’d be way over that lol. Anyway.

    Yes, you are lucky to have your lovely wife. We are ALL lucky to have out lovely wives. And I am not saying that just to curry favour, it’s the absolute truth!

    Also I just noticed the Sam’s pic in your avatar. Is that new or have I been really unobservant? “Drove downtown in the rain, 9:30 on a Tuesday night, just to check out the late-night record shop…”

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    1. I’d kill for 9AM! Yeah, I don’t get the two week pickup. I’m sure it is so the town can save money, but then we have useless recycling trucks spewing emissions in the air every week so they can throw that in the landfills too. Don’t get me started, lol

      I changed the avatar and the look of the site in general a few weeks ago. Just sprucing it up a little.

      And you are right about the wives. I don’t know how Sarah puts up me!


      1. Well, 9am is the official time expected but, as I say, our house is usually about 2:30pm before they get here. It’s leisurely lol.

        As for the two weeks, I said at the time I was gonna take my diapers bags and set them in front of the garage of the home of whatever council members voted to make it twice a month instead of every week, see how they liked it. My lovely wife talked me out of it, but the urge was strong.

        I go through the Reader for sites so I haven’t been to the site proper in ages. I like the avatar!

        Our lovely wives deserve medals, I swear. I mean, my lovely wife has to put up with ME. I dunno, I think her being a therapist has helped her survive me this long.

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        1. I should have mentioned, the garbage truck shows up at 7AM only two or three times a year. And it random when they do. Knowing our luck, if we didn’t put out the garbage, that would have been one of the days. Since we did get it out on time yesterday, they didn’t show up until late afternoon, lol

          I go to the blogs proper because I think helps the sites with hits and ads. I don’t know if it counts through the reader. Maybe it does and I’m just wasting my time, lol

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          1. Yeah man, just go to the dump yourself on a Saturday morning. So much easier.

            I never thought about hits and ads. We don’t have our blog set up for making any money or anything, so it never occurs to me that others do. Bad Aaron! Is there a way, do you think, we could find out if it helps? I’ve often found the WP help section less than helpful.

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            1. The dump is about a 40 minute drive for me. One of the features for living in Southern Ontario, lol

              I just click on “visit site” in the reader and it takes me right to the post. I guess I’m too lazy to find out, lol


              1. 40 minutes! We have a transfer station on the edge of town. Wild that you don’t.

                I figure as long as you read and occasionally comment, no one cares. Are any of us actually in it for the money? I’d doubt it.

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  5. The only symptom for both of my shots was a sore arm. You and Sarah are troopers for pulling through with those sickly symptoms. And you’re right, that garbage pickup schedule is messed up!


  6. Well done you two, as I’m REALLY youthful I don’t get my second one for a fortnight yet. Both my kids have had their first ones too, which I’m pleased about. I just keep thinking abut the freedom to go to gigs again.

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              1. Whoa. The fashion mecca of Ontario.
                Are the Canadian tuxedos kept for a special occasion?

                2 little related anecdotes.
                1)I was on vacation years ago in Sault Ste. Marie (On) and I got my hair cut. The lady stylist was quite chatty. She looked like a barbie doll so what she said shocked me. The banter wasn’t the stuff I was used to. She talked the entire time about how much she was looking forward to going out soon on the moose hunt.
                2) I guy I used to work with was dating a woman originally from Quebec. He went to visit her family in Rouyn-Noranda. He said it is considered the Paris of the north. Ladies all dress to the nines, and many of the stores are high end. I would never have guessed that about a remote, northern town.

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                1. My college roommate was from New Liskeard and would talk about going to the bars in Rouyn-Noranda all the time. Apparently, it was very easy for underaged kids to get in. Fashion was never discussed.

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