Collection Update | June 18, 2021

The Canadian Postal Service has been good to me this week! Just about every day Sarah has texted me that a parcel had arrived at the house causing me to lay down some expletives at every yellow light during the commute home.

The Neil Young albums saw a price drop on amazon, so I grabbed both. Sloan surprised us last week with the stealth release of B-Sides Vol. 2. Billy and The Sheepdogs were pre-ordered a while ago. They just happen to come in this week by chance. I’ll go into details for all of the albums in future posts once The Hip series is completed. Spoiler alert: I’ve listened to the all and they are fantastic!

So, for now, lets take a closer look at this Angus figure.

My buddy, Frank purchased him for me a while ago. It something he doesn’t have to do, but he always does! Plus, I wasn’t expecting to get my hands on Angus until this stupid pandemic calms down and we can meet in person again. But he shipped it instead! Geez, it is too much and appreciated every time! Thanks, Franko!

Of course, they never get the face quite right. Depending on the angle, Angus looks psychotic or he is having a tough time with passing the protein sandwich.

So, what do you think? Should I open him up or keep him sealed? The collector in me says to keep it together, but with 22 points of articulation it might be fun to pose him on the shelf. I’ll let you guys decide in the comments!


  1. Nice scores fella.
    I say if there are tiny pieces keep the box sealed. I think smokes and tea are the protein sandwich for Angus. lol
    That Sloan looks slick.


  2. Price drop on Neil, you say? Hmmm… that live set I got and it is a killer, loved it.

    22 points of articulation might be more than Angus himself has, these days.

    It’s your toy, open it or don’t, I dunno! What does your gut tell you?

    Excellent scores, sir. I got the new Sloan too, of course. Does it have MP3 downloads? I haven’t opened it yet.

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    1. Yep, the Neil set dropped 30% bringing it down to $80. Still pricey, but like you it is my fav era of Neil.

      People seem to not want me to loose Angus hands, so I’m going to keep it sealed for now.

      No mp3 download code, unfortunately. They seem to be getting away from that. Fortunately, I got myself set up to rip LPs again! I had a little tech set back. I’ll send you the files once I get to it.


  3. That new Billy Gibbons album is his best solo album yet. Proper great stuff. As for the Neil Young, I have the live set here but just haven’t found the time to listen to it yet.

    The figure… I’m another for taking it out the box. Keep the wee pieces someplace safe.

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