[Random] Khruangbin | Tiny Desk Concert

You are a cool person. You’ve come to this blog to read something by me, so that makes you extra cool.

But none of us are as cool as Khruangbin performing a Tiny Desk Concert for NPR.

Sarah and I sing the praises of Khruangbin any chance we can get on Mike’s show, but we haven’t done an excellent job of really cramming them down your throat finding a place for you to start. This is it, right here. Get it in you.



  1. You sent me this video and I LOVED IT. What a great sound, so laid back yet precise. That drummer must be the chillest dude in the world lol, and I loved the wee dance the bass player des when she’s feeling the groove, and the songs just pulled me in and I never wanted them to stop. This video was far too short. GREAT stuff, thanks!

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    1. Agreed on all points! I had already fell in love with their music before seeing this video, then fell in love more after! The credit all goes to Sarah who introduced me to them. I’m just trying to spread the word!


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