March | 10 | 2021 | Music Collection Update

Hey, what kind of website would be if it isn’t always changing evolving? I’ve decided to have less structure with the collection updates starting… now. The month to month schedule wasn’t really working for me. Some month’s I’d have little to show, then others I’d have a plethora to go through and need break up into two posts.

This also meant leaving a pile of CDs and a few records off to the side until I can do a post at the end of the month. I want to put this stuff away, dang it! So, now post happen whenever I have enough for one.

One pre-order came in. Weezer‘s latest, OK Human! arrived on Saturday:

I’ll need to a full review sometime soon. I don’t want to be leaving all of the 2021 releases until the end of the year like I had in December. Speaking of December…

…this past weekend was the first since late 2020 where Covid restrictions in my region had dropped from “lockdown” to “not very lockdown”. This allowed for the mission thrift in my area to open again! They sell their CDs for 2 moose bucks a piece, so you need to get there early on a Saturday to find the good stuff. And find, I did…

I had never seen this live show from Tom Cochrane & Red Rider before. For this one they are joined by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra to accompany them to play many of Tom’s and Red Rider’s hits. This came out in 1989, 10 years before Metallica’s S&M! I was a little leery of it considering I’m not much of a fan of S&M, but I really dug this! The orchestra really does just accompany the band and doesn’t feel wedged in like they do with Metallica. This might be the pick of the crop! Next we have a couple of soundtracks from the ’80s…

…that mostly contain music from the ’60s. My sister had the soundtrack to Buster on cassette tape. She still might for all I know. It is a pretty good ride with a few “modern” tunes from Phil Collins mixed with the golden oldies. I also recently watched The Big Chill and its soundtrack is aces with a bunch of Motown hits. There is no wonder as to why it sold a bazillion copies. Speaking of an album that sold way more than it should have…


Guns n’ Roses“The Spaghetti Incident?” has a lot of unnecessary punctuation in its title but the music contained on the disc is… not as bad as I remembered. It is still a steaming pile of meh, and this band is really lucky of have Slash. I do like his style. I can’t see myself spinning this one often, but it is G’NR for 2 moose bucks. Speaking of unnecessary purchases…

I had zero reasons to buy Led Zeppelin‘s Mothership other than I liked the cover and the funky CD case. I have never seen anything like it. I already have all of the tunes on the discs and it would have been nice if it included Travelling Riverside Blues and Hey, Hey, What Can I Do? since they are the two I am looking for. Oh well. One album I did need…


…was Big Brother & The Holding Company’s Cheap Thrills. For those who don’t know, this was the band Janis Joplin was the front-woman for before she became Janis Joplin. It contains the classic tunes Summertime and Piece of My Heart. Just don’t look too closely at Robert Crumb’s artwork on the cover. It would make Dr. Seuss blush. Speaking of something less racist…

… I had never heard of The Alarm but this had a cover of Neil Young’s Rockin’ In The Free World on it, so I took a chance. I have lukewarm feeling for this after only one spin. For something I’m not lukewarm on…

…I truly believe that Engelbert Humperdinck doesn’t get the same respect other crooners like Sinatra, Bennett, or Goulet get. The ‘dinck ranks right up there in my book! And this collection from 1993 is pretty smooth. Speaking of smooth…

…Why do these three CDs share a photo? Well that is because they are all still sealed! Yes, all three are still encased in a thin layer of plastic. All three will be opened on Friday during The Vinyl Collection on STCPod channel. Should be fun to open three CDs that each have been sealed for approx. 30 years. I know Neil Young‘s Luck Thirteen is of questionable quality, but not the other two! I saw “Weird Al” when he came to Sudbury during the Alapalooza tour, so this is destiny. And how about finding a seal promotional copy of The Tragically Hip‘s Greasy Jungle during my series of tandem reviews with Sarah on The Tragically Hip? Whoa… trippy….



  1. I love that Tom Cochrane. Nice buy. I think White Hot was the single they chose to go with that one, if memory serves.

    See, I needlessly bought Mothership too! You’re just copying me now.

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  2. Where’s Taylor??? Fake news man….fake news lol..
    I have to admit I howled at the comment about Guns….Speaking of an album that sold way more than it should have…
    Brilliant and well said.

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  3. That Red Rider is one that went through at my work fairly often – it’s great! Probably the ones here I’d armwrestle you for are the Neil Young and the Hip, cool finds!

    Also, I totally get letting go of the schedule. I’ve tried that, in many permutations, on the KMA over the past 15 years and it always changes. Whatever whenever is a good approach!

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  4. Joplin would be one of my time machine concerts. That album with Big Brother is about as raw as you can get.


  5. A good haul, man… I really miss having a dig in a record store and I can’t wait to be able to do that again.

    Anyhoo, I’m still very fond of “The Spaghetti Incident?” It’s under appreciated. But, that’s not to say I disagree that it sold more than it should have. Heck, post-Appetite GN’R sold way more than they should have.

    As for OK Human, I’ve actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would! Probably their best album in 25 years.

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          1. Just checked the Wiki there… and while I don’t believe all that’s on there, that kinda ties in with my understanding of this one. Scheduled, rescheduled, switching focus. Work started a while back, but they switched focus and then finishing touches applied when they switched focus again.



  6. Oh, Sinatra > Humperdinck. Like infinity. And beyond. You can’t call Sinatra a crooner. Or mention him in the same sentence as Humperdinck. That’s just not acceptable.

    (I realised I wasn’t disagreeing or hating on anything here and I didn’t want to disappoint!)

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  7. I actually like Metallica’s ‘S&M,’ but I can see how the orchestra and the band together can be overwhelming during some songs. Is it just me or does The Spaghetti Incident album cover look disgusting? I mean, come on, it looks like a pile of orange worms wrapped in marinara sauce!!! Ok enough about that, on the plus side, Weird Al’s face on the Jurassic Park dinosaur is pretty funny.

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      1. Yeah one of the worst album covers I’ve ever seen. Luckily I don’t care much for Guns ‘n Roses.

        Ha that’s funny. Then again with the Jurassic Park cover, I’d assume it was a parody of the Jurassic Park soundtrack.

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  8. That’s encouraging about the new weezer – I haven’t explored the last few, but every so often they show they’re capable of greatness (their 2014 album was pretty solid too), so perhaps I’m ready to try them again!

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