[MarsNews] Too Many Podcasts & Riffs O’ the ’80s on The LeBrain Train!

I had to do some serious soul searching after being involved with an insane amount of podcasts last weekend. Last Friday, I got home at 3:45pm after a 4:30AM wake up call and began streaming out to the web from 4pm to 11:20pm with only an hour break for supper. WAY too much!

It was my fault for mixing up the dates for one show, but geez…

I love doing the podcasts themselves. They are a blast! But the prep involved and the strain on my voice box is intense. I did one more show on Saturday, then rested my voice all day Sunday.

I kept asking (in a whispered tone), “What am I doing?!?!”

Sarah’s answer was, “Too much.”

With shows regularly piling up week after week, I knew I had to cut back. This meant having some tough conversations. For me, these “podcasts” have become less and less about being a “show” and more like a regularly scheduled chat with some truly excellent friends. Not something that is easy to cut back on.

This is exactly what I had to do. Sometimes you need to be selfish and making the entire world happy is an impossible task. I’m now setting myself to doing no more than two a week. Anything more gets a no from me.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to cut back on the The LeBrain Train since tomorrow will be my only appearance in March. The powers that be on that show are smart enough to limit their audience to my likeness. Plus, Mike has some great guests and topics lined up that others are by far more suited to comment on.

So, what IS tomorrow’s show all about? I’m so glad you asked!

Starting at 6:45pm-ish EST we will be counting down our RIFFS OF THE ’80s. This is the sequel to the popular RIFFS OF THE ’70s with Mike Slayen to play them live on air on the ol’ guitar! This will be a challengeing episode for us to keep it short. There are seven (7!) people in total on the show, all with 11 tunes to share, each.

That’s 77 songs!

If we each take the usual 3 minutes between each songs (I timed it) before getting to the next person, we are looking at a 3hr and 51 minute show… yikes!

I have my top 10/11 list all figured out and of course there is a plot twist involved. But I will be delivering them all quick and to the point! We shall see how this goes! If you’re looking to join in on the fun, check this out:

What you are seeing is a DIRECT link to the show on YouTube. If you are signed up to YouTube, you can click on the reminder bell which will send you a notification as soon as the show goes live! Technology!

Hope so see you in the chat tomorrow!


  1. I appreciate you doing the show man. I get the fatigue. Last week my throat was raw on Saturday. I was physically fatigued.

    Tomorrow will be great, thanks to you and the gang! I’ll take a Mars appearance any time you’re willing. Although when Frank Loffredo comes back your appearance is compulsory. I have spoken.

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      1. Will do man. Frank is rocking a kitchen gig right now until the plague ends. But Deke is planning something!

        Just wanna say again how much I appreciate everything you have done for me/us. Having you on the show makes it look a lil’ more pro. Your content and lists are always so good. Hopefully I can book you for some April gigs. And of course you will need to record a question/4 questions for Mike Fraser in April.

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        1. Of course! I’m glad to hear Frank is rocking something.

          And I hope I didn’t come off as sounding like it is all a burden. I really enjoy recording with you all. I just took on too much and needed to make an adjustment.

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          1. No man I get it. In fact I don’t think I knew just how many shows you do. I can only manage my one a week! (Plus STC whenever the time is right.)

            I just want you to know how much I appreciate you, and Sarah too. You both get free T shirts!

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  2. I could tell you were starting to wear down when you and Retro Fandango almost turned it into a Retro Fandango Fight Club……
    I will add that was must see Stream TV almost as good as Bill shredding his kids poster a week earlier! lol

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    1. Lol, yeah that was weird. But I didn’t start that one! Richard has become one of my best friends and it is all good. Made for an entertaining hour. I’m not sure how much of the Godfather movies we covered.

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                  1. Interesting! I loved Steve Irwin, thanks to The Wiggles and for years I thought, “why do they talk like that?” I found out they had accents when I became a teenager.


  3. Big time Kevin, everyone needs him on their shows!
    Anywho, Always enjoy heating from you in one way or another, but yea, if it’s a bit of a hassle at times definitely cut back. Worst thing is if you lose interest in doing the shows all together. With my current job, I get to listen to alot of podcasts now, so your voice is usually in my head at least a few times a week with the current shows, and alot of previous recordings, keeping me sane while at work. That’d suck to lose, haha.
    Keep it though, even if it’s at a lesser pace! They’ll always be some balls to bust.

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