February 2021 Music Collection Update

February was a goodun for gets. First up is Motörhead:

I needed another live show from Motörhead in my collection like a hole in my head, but 25 & Alive: Boneshaker had dropped in price on amazon to $17 moose bucks. This DVD/CD combo is from 2001 and I believe is out of print. Even though the case is a little damaged, considering the price and it not being easy to replace, I’ll be happy with it. If you’re asking how good it is? No clue. Haven’t gotten to it yet. Next, a release by some guy named Dio came in…

Holy Diver Live, in my humble opinion, is one heck of a show from Black Sabbath’s former front man. I’ve watch the performance on YouTube before deciding to grab this re-release on CD. I done did a full write up on this one right here. Speaking of Black Sabbath…

I did a full write up on Vol. 4 Super Deluxe as well. It is right here. Overall, it is not bad set but there was room for improvement. I would have preferred the added live show not be one that has been released a few times already. Next up is King’s X


During The LeBrain Train’s King’s X episode the gang all ranked their Top 5 King’s X albums, and several from this set of five kept making appearances. So, for $20 moose bucks (or 4 per disc), it was a no brainer to grab it from amazon. While I was on the site, I quickly checked my wish list and something from Queen had received a steep price cut…


I was able to grab Queen Rock Montreal, which more importantly includes their performance at Live Aid for $18 moose bucks. Sarah and I already have the Live Aid part on a DVD boxset but not in Blu-ray with DTS-audio! Although, I don’t know who much that matters considering the original concert footage was barely broadcasted in stereo. For the next set of items, I have Aaron over at Keeps Me Alive to blame thank. He alerted me to a new release from Strippers Union…

I had read the announcement for The Undertaking myself, but I put it on the back burner until I found time to give it a spin first. Aaron said that was a nice plan but the release was limited to only 1000 copies. Yikes! After giving the first few tunes a quick stream, I played a bit for Sarah and we both decided to order it from their website.

I had just sold a Turbo Graphx 16 game on eBay this month and had some Pay Pal money to burn, so I also grabbed their previous album from 2012 call The Deuce. When the albums arrived I was surprised to find a CD of the band’s 2005 debut Local 518 in the box. I have no idea if it was on purpose or by accident.

All three items came out to about $75 moose bucks including shipping, all covered the by the selling of that one with changed to spare. Sweet!

I’ll get to write ups for them as soon as I can but it possibly won’t be until after I’m done with The Hip releases. Speaking of Aaron, he earns another mention this month! He was kind enough to send me a copy of River Cuomos solo album Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo. A huge upgrade for my collection! Thanks, Buddy!



  1. I got the debut SU album in my shipment as well. I went so far as to email them to see if it was sent in error, they said nope it is a gift to me! Cool! I wish there had been a download code for the new LP set though, I would play it more in the car, the other stereo, the iPod, etc. Alas.

    Those are some mighty good scores, I mean, Dio, Motörhead and Sabbath? Knock-outs. I got that King’s X set too, and I blame Mike’s stream lol. Couldn’t beat the price, though, especially for a noob to the band like me.

    You’re absolutely welcome for the Rivers. I hope you enjoy (remember to read the liner notes)!

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    1. Thanks again, Aaron! And I’ll definitely be giving those note a read. I will be ripping the new SU to my computer. I can share the files with you if you’d like.


  2. Your the Canadian version of the American Snowman in showcasing your scores. lol
    Lot’s of neat stuff here. 20 bucks for Kings X Box. I probably paid 20 bucks just for ‘Dogman’ back in 94 lol.
    Supporting Can Con Strippers! Good stuff as always fella!

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  3. Dang that Queen Live at Montreal even has “Is This the World We Created” from Live Aid as well yeah? That’s cool! Also I love how you center the Holy Diver, Sabbath, and King’s X releases, but you can see the AC/DC stuff in the background, kind of takes away the spotlight from the main items lol!

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      1. Ha! But you got some killer box sets there. Stuff I would love to get as well. Don’t get me wrong, I do like what I got, but I always want more when it comes to music (and ice cream…and donuts…but that is it)

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  4. Some great gets here, man. That King’s X is a popular starter set… and I’m not surprised given the cost. 5 pretty solid albums in there.

    The Cuomo release is probably the only thing from him aside from the Blue album and Pinkerton that you could argue is essential.

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      1. I think Green and Maladroit have a good album between them. The covers album is okay, but doesn’t really offer much different to the originals to hold that much interest.

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          1. I couldn’t agree more. I like plenty average albums due to memories. Even stuff that I don’t even listen to.

            (I bet you missed my negativity! 😂).

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