[MarsNews] Tonight’s Podcast Schedule

I don’t know why I’m just thinking of doing something like this now… but I’m a little slow.

I was going to send out several posts on the socials for the shows I’m guesting/hosting over the next two days, but why not get ‘er done in one? Right here on the ol’ blog.

The fun starts in a few hours at 4pm EST with Retro Filmdango. This month is all about The Godfather and The Godfather: Part II. Part III can go fly a kite. A bit of a warning, we do get into spoilers so you might want to save this one until after you have seen the films:

Later tonight at 7pm, I’ll be guesting on LeBrain Train talking all about Bootlegs! All but one tonight will have a visual aid from me. I’ve been collecting “boots” since the Napster days, so I got some good stuff to show! Hey, Mike Ladano, you should schedule these shows ahead of times so I can link them! For now, a link to last week’s episode will have to do.

Then, finally at 9pm, I’ll be guesting on The Vinyl Collection over on Bill’s STC channel. This week I have some new Strippers Union to show and I’m continuing on with the “Ps” as I alphabetically go through my vinyl collection. I can guarantee you that some Petty will show up! Should be good times!

If you are able to tune in live be sure to say Hi! If not, you can still watch them after the fact. Hope to see you!


  1. I’ve never understood the acclaim for Part II, especially not those who say it’s better than the first. It’s a total mess, the conflicting narrative time jumps don’t work, it’s confusing, too many characters, too many names, and Michael is totally boring because his arch was over at the end of the classic first film. The only compelling material in the film is the stuff with De Niro as young Vito. The rest is technically adept, but completely unmoving.

    I agree with Roger Ebert’s original review. he put it best when he said (paraphrasing), “the text of the original is replaced by prologues, epilogues, and good intentions.”

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    1. I do like 2 over all, but I don’t disagree with most of what you said. I think the folks who prefer 2 get into the melodrama of it. And the first did all the hard work of setting up the characters.

      For me, 1 is a masterpiece, 2 is a really good film with some excellent moments.


    1. Yeah, I’m really tired this morning, lol

      Like any good library I alphabetize the artists by their last name, then their albums in chronological order. This isn’t even up for a debate. :p


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