[Movie Review] The Last Boy Scout

I’m a fan of the website letterbxd.com. It is a nifty little way to keep track of your movies you watch. You can keeps a diary of when you watch films, rate them, review them, or even make lists for the films you want to see. The site is what ever you want to put into it, but at its core it is another social media platform.

A lot of people attempt to go viral on the site with short, punchy reviews of popular films. I don’t. I use it as a way to share what I already catalog into my spreadsheet. Regular readers of this site see what that looks like at the end of every month.

But sometimes, a movie comes along that is so bad… one sentence of sarcasm is all it deserves. I wrote one today and I did share it on the socials. Mike read it on facebook and said I should post it here. So, here it is:

Believe it or not, The Last Boy Scout is not the worst movie I have seen this month.

If you want to follow me on letterbxd, I’m right here.


  1. I remember looking at the box of the VHS for this when I was maybe 14 and thinking, Die Hard + Damon Wayans + Football? Sounds amazing.
    I never ended up seeing the movie though & it appears I was overestimating the quality of the film!

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