[MarsNews] Tandem Reviews | Series 2 Artist Announcment

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! No better day to announce the artist for the latest series of tandem reviews with my wife, Sarca Sim! And the artist is…

The Tragically Hip!

As promised, here are all of the folks who guessed right last week:

Justin Bieber hasn’t been around that long so that rules him out. I think it is between Tragically Hip and Rush. I will go with the Hip.
– Sorry, John. You’re going have to tackle the Beeb’s catalog on your own!

I’m locking in The Hip as my guess, mainly because of the ‘home video releases’ description, as that got me thinking about the early 90s Another Roadside Attraction tour VHS!
I should have seen a well thought out guess by Mr. Quiz coming!

I’m a day late on this but I’m gonna guess it’s the Hip… and the one boxed set you’re missing is because it’s at my house?
No. Sarah has already reviewed that set right here. So us taking on the extended edition of Fully Completely instead is perfect.

What we are missing is the Boxset Hipeponymous which contains Yer Favourites, which we also don’t have… but we got the rest! That means all 13 of their studio albums, their one live album, and all 4 of their concert home videos will be reviewed. Yep, we’re tackling this one fully and completely!

A lot of you guessed Sloan, and some expressed a desire for it to be them over The Hip. Don’t be disappointed. I can almost guarantee that we will be covering them next time. Part of the reason why we went with The Hip now is we wanted this series to be a little different. For Led Zeppelin, we approached each album as enthusiastic fans. It will be the same for Sloan.

The Hip will be different.


I think you guys are going to like this ride since Sarah and I will be coming at their albums from different angles.

To read the perspective of someone who is a real fan with a long history with the band, you are going to want to check out Sarah’s write ups. She began listening to them close to when they were a new phenomenon and remained with them for their entire journey.

As for me, it took a while to warm up to them. I was a metal head in the ’90s, and back then all you listened to was your chosen genre… for the most part anyway. I even dubbed them as “The Tragically Zip” back then. That was until one album had me do a 180. It might have had to do with the quality of the release, timing, the company I was keeping, or all three. We will get there.

I think that will make for a fun series. Sarah is a diehard who can sing along to entire albums. I will be spinning more than half of the catalog for the first time. I’m stoked to finally give them a proper listen, especially after buying most on CD then again on vinyl.

It all begins next Sunday with the first review being The Hip’s self titled debut EP and it will continue on every Sunday from then on for the next 18 weeks. We should be done the series in June. Start by check out Sarah’s series introduction, right here and subscribe to her blog if you haven’t already! Good times!


  1. Happy to have guessed correctly & even happier that being correct means hip reviews for weeks to come!
    I too am missing Hipeponymous / Yer Favourites – but we’ll be able to compare notes on the rest, fun!

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  2. I went with Sloan due to their box sets. I didn’t even know the Hip had box sets out. lol. Too be honest I kind of checked out on them after Phantom Power (even though I bought stuff like Music At Work but after a while I always went back to the first four albums) but this may be the time I need to get back into that second half of there career.
    Look forward to this…

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    1. The only Sloan deluxe set we have is for Navy Blues. When we get to them it will mostly be reviews of their regular albums. I don’t want to give away too much of what I have listened to, but I’m hoping to connect with some of the later stuff.

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  3. Excellent! It was Aaron and Geoff that ‘hipped’ me to The Hip. I listened to each of the albums when Geoff did his series and, truth be told, I haven’t listened to most of them since. I’ll enjoy giving them another whirl while reading along!

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  4. Posted on Sarca’s: “YAY for Hip! I am looking forward to this, natch! Of course, I still suck and haven’t read your tandem Led Zeppelin series so I feel like I need to do that before I get into this. But yes yes yes Hip!”

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