[MarsNews] Return of the Tandem Reviews!

Next Sunday will be an exciting day for this site as I mark the return of the tandem reviews with my amazing wife, Sarah, a.k.a. Sarca Sim!

Just as we did with our Led Zeppelin series, we will begin with an introduction before going chronologically through an entire studio discography, with reviews posted every Sunday (unless we forget). The series will wrap up with a ranking of all of their studio albums… but wait! There’s more!

This time we are going the extra distance by including any live albums and home video releases!

So, I’ve indirectly asked this before but this time I’m going the direct route: Can you guess who the artist or band will be?

Here are the clues:

  • Canadian
  • I have been a fan for almost 25 years but Sarah’s history goes far deeper than mine.
  • We own the entire discography (mostly on vinyl) minus one box-set.

Anyone who answers correctly before the our introductory posts next Sunday will earn a shoutout from me! All you’ll need to do is prepare your self for the absence of a flood of new subs!



  1. Fantastic news to start the day, Kevin!
    That logo is amazing – when I saw the image preview in the reader beside the title, I thought it meant a Star Wars series. Which would be good…but the CanCon mystery artist series sounds even better!
    I’m locking in The Hip as my guess, mainly because of the ‘home video releases’ description, as that got me thinking about the early 90s Another Roadside Attraction tour VHS!

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  2. I want to say Rush but that’s too obvious and they’ve been around a lot longer than 25 years. Part of me hopes it’s the Killer Dwarfs but that’s just hope. Whoever it is, I know you’ll do them justice.

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