[MarsNews] Angus Young’s Rolling Stone Interview Highlights

Yesterday Rolling Stone released an interview with Angus Young from November on their website.  I gave it a read this morning and it is mostly stuff we already know, but there are a few interesting highlights.  Of course, my commentary on these highlights is of even greater interest, hence this post.  Kudos to Kory Grow who got a solid interview from Angus.

Angus admits the PR around Brian Johnson leaving the band due to hearing loss in 2016 was a mess. 

No kidding.  Angus claims they were trying to be direct about how it was unknown if Brian could be able to return.  In this interview, Angus was clear that Brian was “never out of AC/DC.”  He just couldn’t finish the tour.  That clarification would of helped in 2016.

When Brian could not finish the Rock Or Bust tour, Axl contacted Angus to offer his services.  

Who is this Axl?  Where is the man-baby I grew up with?  I’m actually very impressed with the growth Axl has shown over the past half decade.  I’m glad he has matured.

axl dc
From left to right: Axl, Angus, Brian, Angus

Axl would ask to add songs to the set list that Angus hadn’t played in years, sometimes on the day of a show.  Angus would say he would “try” and ask one of guitar techs who was in an AC/DC cover band to help refresh his memory.

I wonder if Brian reads this stuff and thinks, “Geez, I didn’t even now that was an option.”

Despite some rumors, Angus did not write new music with Axl and there is no Axl/DC album in the works.

Angus was fairly clear about this.  Kory Grow even got him to double down on his “no.”  Still, the internet will continue speculate because enough people want it to be true. 

The lyrics for “Through The Mists of Time” are taken from ideas Malcolm had written down during the Black Ice sessions.

Through Mists of Time is my favourite track on PWR/UP and and there is a sense of melancholy and nostalgia I get when I listen to it.  I wondered what sadness sparked that song.  It turns out it was just something Malcolm scribbled on paper in 2008.  Lol, typical.

You can read the full interview right here:

Angus Young on Why AC/DC Never Changed Their Sound and the Legacy of ‘Back in Black’

There was a pop up that told me I had to subscribe to read the full post, but a quick refresh of the page allowed me to see the whole thing.  I don’t know why Rolling Stone does that.  I either have to pay to read it or not. 



  1. When I read that Axl and Angus were working on a new AC/DC album, I was like, “Ha, that can’t be true!” PR probably wanted to make Brian’s (temporary) departure to be more dramatic than it seemed! I’m not an idiot to know that the press post some nasty/messed up stuff out there!

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    1. Yeah, if the press is guilty of anything it is sensationalism. Got to get the views and clicks! I’m glad he was clear about it this time, but I don’t think it will stop some from thinking it is true.

      Liked by 1 person

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