Top 6 Tips for Watching More Movies

After revealing in my post yesterday how I watched 445 movies in 2020… of course the questions “how” and “when” began.  “How did you do this?” and “When do you find the time?”  

As Geoff Stevens would say: Verbalize the positive! 

No one asked, “Why?”  I guess we all want to watch more movies!

I should also mention before I begin, a passion for movies is something that I share with my wife, Sarah.  Watching a flick has become our regular activity together.  I probably would watch as many as I do if I didn’t have someone to share them with. 

So, I have some “pro-tips”.  Let me help you see more films…

#1. Make a list and SORT OF follow it.

too many netflix

How many evenings have you spent 30 minutes or more looking through Netflix trying to pick one?  If you chose one from the start you’d be 30 minutes in already.

This is my most important tip: Make a list. 

Make it as long or short as you want.  10, 30, 50 movies.  Make the list random or specific.  Write them down, start a cue on Netflix, or get fancy with a spreadsheet.  Whatever works for you. 

As long as you SORT OF follow it.  Following a list you made weeks or months ago when you are in the mood for something else is “un-fun”.  We are only here for fun.  Sometimes Sarah or I would want to see a horror flick or a black and white with Bogart.  We would not follow the list because it would conflict.   The list is ONLY there for when you can’t decided what to watch.  If we couldn’t decide within 5 minutes, I’d play the next movie on the list.  Indecisiveness, eliminated.

#2. Get out of the two hour mind set.

two hours later

Another way I squeezed more movies in is by not waiting until I had two consecutive hours of spare time to watch one.  If I had 30 minutes to an hour, I’d press play.  I’ll watch the rest when I have another chunk of free time.  Plus, most movies are shorter than two hours.  1hr 40min seems to be the average.  That’s shorter than two episodes of Game of Thrones or a hockey game… speaking of which…

#3. Watch less sports. Unless you really care about them…


While you spent Feb 2nd, 2020 watching the Superbowl, I watched Renee Zellweger in Judy.  It was pretty good.  Rene nailed it.  Did we miss the halftime show and fancy commercials?  Nope, they were all available online on Feb 3rd.

Stanley Cup playoffs? Tampa won the Cup on Sept 17th.  Sarah and I re-watched Election staring Mathew Broderick and Reese With Her Spoon.  It was way better than I remembered. 

But I haven’t given up on sports entirely.  The Blue Jays are still important to me.  I mostly watch the Jays in 30 the day after the game that condenses it into a 30 minute show.  When The Jays made the playoffs this year, their run was short with many of the games in the afternoon.  So it hardly made a dent in movie watching.

If you can’t stay away from the games, cutting out the sports talk programs can free up some time.  Speaking of programs…

#4. Watch only the TV Programs you really care about.

tv show wars

Don’t cut anything you love, but perhaps you can trim a few things here and there.

  • Stay away from those 24 hour news channels that are designed to keep you watching.  Want to keep up to date with the world?  Pick a news program that will give you everything you need to know in 30 minutes or less and move on. 
  • Are you “hate watching” a show?  You like the first few seasons, but the show took a turn and you are not into it anymore.  Free yourself from it.  You can read about or watch the finale whenever it comes if you need closure. 
  • Maybe you don’t NEED to re-watch The Office again?  Seinfeld, yes.  Maybe not The Office.
  • Maybe pick one or two “Real Housewives” shows to watch instead of all 23.

#5.  Get accomplices who will force help you to watch movies.

bad movie club

I record a podcast once a month called Retro Filmdango with my friend Richard.  We watch three movies and talk about them.  Three movies a month added up to 36 in 2020 that I had to set some time aside to watch if I wanted to be part of the conversation.  Joining or starting a movie club is a great way to ensure you will make time for some film.

#6. Don’t wait to watch a movie with someone else.

cool bit

You’ll rarely get to a movie if you keep doing this.  Just watch it already.  If you like it, watch it again with your friend.  If you don’t, tell them how bad it is and you saved them from a crappy movie.  They’ll thank you for it.  

So, those are my tips.  With this said, 445 movies was most likely a fluke for me.  2020 was a “perfect storm”, if you will.  With there being only Sarah and I here, the onus is always on us to do the traveling to visit of family and friends.  Both of our summer and holiday vacations were “Staycations” (Sorry, The Good Place!).  We are not busy parents.  We did no socializing in person.  No video game or vinyl conventions, no concerts, no restaurants.

Deke in the comments said it best:

we are in lockdown so WTF are we supposed to do! lol.


So, you might not get to hundreds of movies in 2021 but maybe one or two of my tips will get you to more than less!  Happy watching!


  1. Cool points! I try to watch a little bit while I ride the exercise bike every day, but it still takes a while to get through stuff, because then I’m off the bike and punching the heavy bag, doing pushups or weights or whatever, and I can’t watch properly then… Yeah, I’m here all day, have been for months, but that usually entails everything around the house (and it’s a fairly tight ship, I like to think), and helping two kids with school. I pop in to leave comments like this too, but it’s usually brief. Time fills up. By the time the kids are in bed, we have about an hour before we crash out ourselves. Sometimes we’d rather just chill, sometimes we get an episode of something, but not a whole movie that late in the evening. To be honest, music is easier for me, it can be on while I do other stuff. I like movies, but they still ride shotgun to records I wanna hear. I’ve heard waaaay too much Beatles lately (the things I do for you guys!). Priorities, I guess. I am grateful for your explanation of how you get ‘er done, though, that did seem like a lot of movies.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yep, that sounds like a busy day! I couldn’t image trying to watch a movie while exercising. Besides walking, even podcasts are too much for me. I need music to keep me moving.


      1. They’re very busy days. I have instituted several things that happen every day (working out, cleaning, etc) that take time. The school comes first in front of everything, of course. Riding the bike and watching a movie is fine, easy enough. I like just me (no headphones) when I walk in the early hours, the silence of the city, just me, the streets, and nature. It’s very cleansing!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Productive yes. But maybe that needs to be balanced with life better. I dunno. Thinking out loud in your comments section lol. A few things have happened that has me wondering if I’m wasting time on things that matter less. Maybe this is the year I need to learn how to fix my kitchen cabinet because there’s nobody here to fix it for me…

            Liked by 1 person

                    1. I added a short paragraph about Sarah anyway.

                      I got that you’re feeling down. Two things:

                      1) You don’t need to answer, just ask yourself: If your attention was on the person instead would it have changed anything?

                      2) I’m sure the person understands that you need your time and space to do you. It is part of the reason why they love you.

                      Dr. Mars

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                    2. You are in a real tough spot, Mike. It sounds like you are setting yourself up to fail. Watching someone 24/7 is an impossible task. And they probably don’t want you on them 24/7, lol

                      I know it is cliche to say, but cliches are repeated often because they are true. We all see you doing your best and that is all anyone can ask.

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  2. Your Number 1 point is very true. Us with a new Tv and remote that has a Amazon and Netflix plus a stream box sometimes we a flipping though looking for something and your right next thing u know two hours has passed. You were being generous with the half hour time line lol
    Where is your sidekick pal Richard located? Japan? If not why did I think that? lol
    I need more time to watch those streams…lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, we would spend way too much time hunting through the same movies over and over again looking for something to watch. Do the hunt once, then you’re good to go!

      Yes, Richard is an American living in Japan.

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  3. Making a list, why didn’t I think of that? And you know with the amount of time I spend on youtube, I’d be able to watch 2-3 movies per day. The key for me is to cut out youtube from my routine lol! As a note about ‘Election,’ I don’t like that Matthew Broderick plays a jerk!

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  4. That is some great advice. I am not a big Sports fan except for Football and most of those games are on weekends during the day, so no problem there. My problem is I love binging shows so movies tend to take a backseat.

    However, your lists have inspired me though. I am tracking every album I listen to for 2021 and will do a year end post with lots of stats. I won’t do monthly as I have too many albums I want to review and I already do the purchasing round-up. But I think I can keep this up. After 5 days. I am already through 16 albums (some are repeats, but 11 different which I am still off to a good start). If I can keep pace, I expect over 1,000 albums (not necessarily different albums as I am counting each time I listen to an album for a review). I am also keeping track if it is CD, LP or Stream. I hope I can remember to update the list each time.

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    1. That will be an awesome read! Here’s a pro-tip for keeping pace: Add the date and title right away, you can save the rest for later. I do this during the credits for most movies. Just open the spreadsheet on my phone and punch in the date and title. But don’t wait too long to fill out the rest or you’ll forget things!

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  5. Again some common ground. One big one I have is that I dont watch much TV to speak of so film night is something I look forward to. It’s on the list for things I do in my week. One thing I’m not afraid to do is can a film if it isnt working for me (Early on is better but sometime you have to hang in because Ive been fooled before). Like I said I dont want to waste my view on something that isnt doing it. Like you and Sarca, my Gal is a film lover also an we have similar movies, good ones.

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  6. This is good stuff! Before the pandemic, I’d say watching a movie for the first time HAD to be done in the theatre. That sense of vulnerability and foreign space away from home adds to the effect of going into a different world. Of course, these days, we need that home safety…

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