[MarsNews] The 2020 Marsy Music Awards

This was to go with yesterday’s Top 10 Albums Of 2020 list, but it was making the post too long.  So, why not give my extended ramblings a post of their very own?

And the Highly Prestigious Marsy Award goes too…

Best Album Re-reissue:


Tom Petty | Wildflowers & All The Rest

In 1994, Tom Petty had recorded enough material to make Wildflowers a two disc album, but pressure from the record label forced him to cut it down to one.  One of the projects Tom was working on before he passed in 2017 was restoring Wildflowers to that two disc version.  The project was completed by his family and Mike Campbell this year.  The results are wonderful.

There are a few different versions of this re-release, all designed to best suit your wallet.  I found the four disc version gave you the best bang for your buck.

Full Review

Best Song Laced With Cursing:

The Dirty Knobs | Fuck That Guy

Speaking of Mike Campbell, his side project The Dirty Knobs released their debut album this year.  The album is pretty good overall, but Fuck That Guy is the standout track.  I love everything about it.

Full Review

Revival of the Year

Current River | Cut The Covid

Current River was revived late last year on the blog site Thunder Bay Arena Rock.  Material that was thought to be unimportant was freed from the shackles of self-deprecation and placed into proper context by fans.  Experience the full Cut The Covid playlist here.  Here’s hoping for some new material in 2021!


Best Packaging of a CD

Jimi Hendrix - Live n Maui inside

The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Live In Maui

It isn’t perfect.  Leaving the manual flapping in the breeze when it is all open is a major downer.  But I love how the combo CD/DVD set folds out and is held together by a magnet.  Plus, the CDs are secured in classic plastic instead of cardboard sleeves.  

Full Review

Theme Song of the Year

TeeBone  – LeBrain Train

The LeBrain Train needed a theme song in a bad way.  The weekly 2-3hr chat about music needed a better warm up than Mike saying, “Hello” or “Welcome”.   Major props to TeeBone who went from a caricature accurately drawn on a paper plate to a full live person in a few episodes.  The theme song he wrote gets hummed around here a lot!

And Finally…

BuriedOnMars.com Collaborator of The Year


Sarca Sim – Caught Me Gaming

Writing about Led Zeppelin with Sarca Sim this year has been the most valuable highlight for BuriedOnMars.com.  The journey to go through every Led Zeppelin studio album in tandem with the luxury blog Caught Me Gaming was as entertaining as it was educational.

Work has already begun for the return of the popular series this February.  It will be an extended look into… a Canadian rock band.  The series will include their studio albums, live albums, and video releases.  it is estimated the journey will take us well into the spring before it is completed!  Let me know in the comments if you need any more hints!

So get caught up with the Led Zeppelin before series two begins!  You’ll want to start with Sarca Sim’s Zeppelin memories right here.


  1. That 4CD Petty is the one I got. It’s AWESOME! I love all your shout-outs here, I want Current River album! That Hendrix is on my list, with one more Christmas postponed by covid. Still waiting on it, AC/DC and Maiden! Will I get one? Who knows! Gah. And I STILL need to read your collab on Zep. Man I suck. Suck, I tells you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Too kind, but thank you Kevin.
    I am slowly branching out from Arena Rock and checking out other sites. A really cool community you all have built here.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. You are a huge part of it dude! Basically, you are our Manager which is a good thing, and just so you know we have no money to pay you. Well Tbone does lol


  3. Marsy Music Awards haha, very creative Kevin! I still need to catch up on the Zeppelin reviews because I haven’t read all of them yet. So many music in the world to explore and it’s a lot of pressure lol. The Dirty Knobs song was boring and monotone for me (the lyrics were accurate), but the music video was hilarious because it’s an accurate representation of people feel about covid. I don’t know why, but the lead singer for Current River reminds me of a young Tom Hanks with light brown hair!

    Liked by 1 person

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