[EP Review] Huey Lewis and The News | Weather

How can I possibly remain objective with the last 26 minutes of recorded music from Huey Lewis?  The man has been a part of my life since I could form memories.

The answer is, I cannot.

So, grain of salt and all of that…  but I really think Weather contains some of the band’s best work ever.  Good enough to belong along side their classic albums from the early ’80s. 

The album began in 2012 when Huey wrote its first track with band members Jimmy Colla (guitar) and John Pierce (bass), While We’re Young, their first new song since Plan B from 2001.  By 2017 the band had recorded a handful of tunes and set a goal of finishing a full album with a release date for 2018.  Those plans fell apart apart when Huey was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease, a chronic disorder that affects the inner ear causing issues with balance and hearing loss. 

Huey claimed to not be able to hear music well enough to sing at a proper pitch, so the band put the album on hold with the hopes that he could get well enough to finish it.   But, unfortunately that does not look like it is going to happen anytime soon.

So, Weather was released in February of this year as is.  7 tunes that make up just over 26 minutes.  

They all sound classic and new at the same time.  While We’re Young, Her Love Is Killing Me, I Am There For You,Hurry Back Baby, and Remind Me Why I Love You Again could have been written and recorded at anytime.  It is that Huey Lewis brand of pop, soul and classic R&B all blended together without any effort.  Truly timeless.  

I Am There for You might be my favourite of the bunch.  It needs to be the theme song for some family show. 

Also on the EP is Pretty Girls Everywhere, which the author of one review I read said how they didn’t like the lyrics.  “Old-man Huey” singing about ogling young girls felt creepy.  Thing is, they complexly missed how it is a cover of the classic R&B hit from Eugene Church and The Fellows in 1958.  I’d take that as a compliment.  

Finally, the EP wraps up with One Of The Boys which brings the band back to their country roots just like how Honkey Tonk Blues did on Sports in 1983.  Perfect.

If this is Huey’s last, it is fitting how the album was recorded prior to the band having a hint that this might the case.  There are no somber notes or an indication that Huey has lost a step on vocals.  Weather is light, breezy, and fun.  Exactly how I want to see this band hang it up if they must.  




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