October 2020 Music Collection Update, Part Deux!

As I mentioned in part one, October was such a good month for adding new tunes to the collection that I had to split the post into two.  Part one is all of my eBay, amazon, and other purchases that you can read right here.  Part Deux, features all of my mission thrift pickups I got for $2!  That’s a Canadian Toonie each, folks!

Now, on with the countdown:


I’m slowly building a decent collection of CDs from The Strokes.  I’ve already picked up their first two albums from the mission thrift now I have their third, The First Impressions of Earth from 2006.  I recognized the first tune, You Only Live Once.  As of now  but that is as far as I got.   Look forward to the future spin.


Someone dumped out of their Paul Simon collection which is good news for me.  The only tune I knew from Graceland is You Can Call Me Al.  I loved the video for it with Chevy Chase when I was a kid.  I listened to the whole thing the other night and it is very nice.  I haven’t gotten around to his debut yet, but it has to be good, right?  

I had never heard Bonnie Raitt’s Road Tested before but of course it is good.  Guests include Bryan Adams, Jackson Browne, and Bruce Hornsby.  I had a “back up” copy of Buddy Guy’s Sweet Tea back in the day.  It’s a bit of a mellow one but there is still some great guitar work on it.

The Blues Brothers was my introduction to Sam & Dave.  Otis Redding and the Coasters, are great albums to put on while doing chores around the house. Just like how… 

…Sarah and I listened of Marvin Gaye Live! last night while making dinner the other night and it… cooks.  I haven’t got to Barry White yet.  Michael Jackson’s Bad I had on cassette when I was a kid.  So that’s a bit of a nostalgia grab.  I also had on cassette… 


…Cocktail – The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.  It is not great but loaded with memories.  I still know all of the words to The Beach Boys Kokomo because of it.  Speaking of The Beach Boys…


…how about The Pet Sounds Sessions for $2?  Even this basic 3CD set goes for $40 on eBay. With the Beatles is labeled as a German mono version, but all of the artwork is in English.  So, I’ll have to do some research on that one. 

And finally, I got both kinds of music.  Some country and some western.


Keen observers of this series will note how I already picked up a Willie Nelson collection last month, but The Essential is a deeper dive with a second disc, so why not?  Kenny’s Twenty is all the Kenny I’ll ever need. 

And that is all of it.  CDs are so fun to collection when their $2.  Stay locked in to this blog for more coming soon!


  1. Holy smokes, you got all of these for $2 each? You are a master bargain shopper! Are they all in good nick, or are the play sides scratchy? Half the time in those shops the price is great but the discs look like they were used as coasters. Our Mission shop is abyssmal for music. I’m jealous! That Beach Boys is cool (I appreciated the foreshadowing) but there’s a whole metric sh*t-tonne of goodness spread over these last two posts! Well done!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, Aaron! The condition varies from “never played” to “it looks like someone wiped their butt with it.” I’ll leave the ones that are roached there. Especailly the ones I feel are common enough to run into again. I’ll take a chance on some surface scratches if I think it will be more difficult to find. This is the place where I found SAP.


      1. I’m just so impressed by the selection. Our mission shoppe is a whole lotta crap, just nothing like you got. That Sap CD is OK and plays fine (and I am still so very grateful for its arrival on these shores!). For those prices, it’s hard to argue so as long as it wasn’t used as a dog toy! Very impressive selection!

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    1. MJ was hard to ignore when you grew up in the ’80s. My Mom bought me Bad for Christmas one year. It wasn’t what I really wanted but I only had a handful of cassettes so it got played often. Listening to it now is a real trip.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah I see. Yeah here’s a funny story. My parents went to a Michael Jackson Vegas show not too long ago (last year or so, I can’t remember), they bought me a shirt with Michael Jackson Bad album cover. Since Michael isn’t really my thing (except for some songs), I use it as a sleep shirt, but now everytime I look at that shirt I’m like, “those eyes are freaking me out!” LOL!

        Liked by 1 person

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