We’re Gonna Groove: Led Zeppelin Lists & Guests!

Catch Sarah and me tonight on Mike’s show The LeBrain Train, 7 pm EST as we run through our top ten Led Zeppelin tunes… EVAAARRRRR! Good times are afoot!


The LeBrain Train:  2000 Words or More with Mike Ladano

Episode 37

In case you didn’t know, Sarah and Kevin (Caught Me Gaming and Buried On Mars respectively) just finished a massive Led Zeppelin review series.  Separately, they reviewed each Zeppelin album, from Zep I right to Coda.  They did a fantastic job of it, so with that completed, I had to have them on.  We’re going to do the Nigel Tufnel Top Ten Led Zeppelinsongs, with a few bonus guest lists in the hopper as well.

“But Mike!” you say.  “I have a hard time keeping up with all those lists, and remembering how many times certain songs or albums were picked.”

You’re right; I have a hard time keeping track too.  So this time, finally, we’re bringing in Geoff from 1001albumsin10years.  Geoff is the graph master.  You give him any subject you can think…

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  1. I enjoyed seeing you and Sarah on the show! Especially since I’ve read her blog and always wondered what she looked like in person, haha! I love how diverse your lists were and that you never went for the “big hits” for the most part. I also love the fact that Mike and Sarah were geeking out over the orange boxset and you were the odd one out, haha!

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