[MarsNews] AC/DC’s New Single, Realize Is Released

Well, how do you like this?  We’re two days away from a new AC/DC album, and we get a new track to keep the hype on high! 

Realize will be Power Up‘s opening track and it is pretty good.  It has a Thunderstruck vibe with the chanting, chord changes, and a faint lead lick throughout.  Not exactly on the same level, but it has the vibe. 

I do find the opening to have a bit too much going on.  I know constant reader Lana will only hear Phil Rudd’s high hat but, there is also a guitar lead, opening chords, a vocal chant that the guitar then doubles…. Phew!  Maybe I’m just not accustomed to it yet.

 But I forgive it all once the groove kicks in.  That’s the best part.

Angus’ solo is just some sliding up and down on the lower half of chords which is a good news for me.  Finally, an easy solo for me to learn!  

Anyway, I’m still stoked for the new album.  I was going to buy it regardless if this song sucked, but thankfully it doesn’t!  


  1. You are correct my friend! And Phil NAILED that hi-hat! I was waiting for you to do a review of this song, knowing how big of an AC/DC fan you are. I personally like this song more than “Shot in the Dark,” but everyone is different. The guitar solo is my favorite part. What would you rank “Realize” out of 5 stars?

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      1. Mine has moved either. It still says delivered tomorrow by 11pm which I hope means the warehouse in Charlotte has it already and they will drive it out to me. My other item that I am supposed to get tomorrow has no arrival date schedule yet which really does worry me on that one. I don’t think I am getting that one tomorrow. I still have hope for AC/DC though

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          1. Mine has shipped and now it says tomorrow. I don’t believe it because it just left the Charlotte branch so that means I should get it this afternoon as that is my branch all shipments go through. At least that is what I am hoping to see.

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