Led Zeppelin Studio Albums | Ranked

Sarca Sim and I have one final tandem Led Zeppelin post for you!  After all of those album reviews, we thought it would be fun to sunset the series by ranking all of them in order from worst to first.  So be sure to check out how Sarca Sim ranked Led Zeppelin’s studio albums right here!

Before you dive into my list, I just want to be clear that I don’t believe any of these albums are “bad”.  Even the ones I enjoy least have their merits.  Their ranking here is only in comparison to the rest of Zep’s catalog.  And with only 9 albums, all of them are in my top ten!

So, on with the countdown…


9. Presence


Despite it sporting one of my favourite Led Zeppelin tunes, Nobody’s Fault But Mine, there is not much else that can keep me invested.  John Paul Jones, the band’s underdog and therefore my favourite member, played as if he had checked out.  The album’s 9 plus minute closer, Tea for One might be their weakest track, IMHO.
Best tune: Nobody’s Fault But Mine
Full review

8. Coda


Zep’s leftovers are better than most band’s main course, but when they are sandwiched together like this, they can be awkward to listen to.  But, the majority of it does work well.  I’m on the hunt for an extended edition that contains the tracks that originally should have been included.
Best tune: Darlene
Full review

7. Led Zeppelin III

Zep 3 front

Folky Zep is good stuff, just not my favourite kind of Zep.  Although it blasts off with The  Immigrant Song, one of their heaviest tunes, the rest of the album is a mellow out session that bores me a bit. 
Best Tune:  Since I’ve Been Loving You
Full review

6. In Through The Out Door


John Paul Jones took the lead for the song writing on this one, and his chops are most impressive.  This is Zep’s most unconventional album and an interesting listen.  Carouselambra is precursor to the sound Phil Collins would get from Genesis after Peter Gabriel left.
Best Tune: Carouselambra
Full review

5. Physical Graffiti


A Physical Graffiti trimmed down to a single disc would most likely have earned my top spot, but in its current from, I find it to be a bit bloated with filler like Boogie with Stu.  But the good stuff, like the brilliant In My Time of Dying is some of their best work ever.  
Best tune: In My Time of Dying
Full review

4. Led Zeppelin IV

zep iv cover

Zep took a perfect blend of blues and folk influences and made one of the most successful rock albums of all time.   Music that could work in a club, a huge arena, a chill out session.  This had it all.  Album tracks like When the Levee Breaks are an absolute thrill to listen to even 45-50ish years later.
Best Tune: When The Levee Breaks
Full review

3. Led Zeppelin


Zep’s debut is a giant blues fest.  Covering some classics from some blues greats is fairly common but doing it with your own unique sound isn’t.  Oh, and the originals on here are quite good as well.  A great album to launch out of the gate with.
Best Tune: How Many More Times
Full review

2. Led Zeppelin II


Taking what they did on their first album to the next level.  Blues jams, big riffs, and some deep dives into psychedelia.   One drum and guitar solo that is too long aside, the rest is perfection.  “Big brown” is one of the greatest hard rock albums of all time.
Best Tune: The Lemon Song
Full review

1. Houses Of The Holy


The funky influence of James Brown for “The orange one” will always be my favourite.  Led Zeppelin came into their own on the pervious album, Led Zeppelin IV, but this is were Zep refined their a sound that would influence generations of rock to come.  
Best Tune: Over The Hills and Far Away
Full review

And that is a wrap on Led Zeppelin!  Sarah and I are spit balling ideas for a band to cover next.  We’ll be taking some time off from tandem posts for now and plan on following up this series sometime in January.  So stay tuned!



  1. Whoa. Coda at #8? Kinda like the MRS ranking better (#6)! Other than that your list is wicked as well. The bloated Physical Graffiti album would be my Number 1 your #5. Guess I have a thing for double albums studio or live!
    Once again well done dude and let’s work on the ranking of Coda perhaps down the road!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great list. Absolutely one of my favourite bands of all time. I was jamming out to these when my contemporaries were listening to watered down hits on much music in the early to mid 90s. The sound blew my mind back then and still love it to this day. I agree with your favourites for the most part.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s interesting how far down ranked ‘Led Zeppelin II’ when Sarah ranked it so high, haha! But that’s cool you both have different preferences. I agree with you on ‘Physical Graffiti,’ that album would’ve been great if it didn’t have too many songs. It looks like you and your wife have a whole library of CDs and vinyls. Great writeup Kevin!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Lana! I don’t know how Sarah continues to tolerate me, lol! We’re not always on the same page when it comes to music but we both respect our opinions. It would be boring if we just agreed on everything.

      Liked by 1 person

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