[MarsNews] Official Video for AC/DC’s “Shot In the Dark” is Released

Every time I listen to Shot In The Dark, I end up liking it more. I would still rate the tune a 3.5 out of 5, but my feelings towards it went from lukewarm to adoration. Is that the sign of a good a one? Or maybe I’m blinded by pure fandom.

Who knows? Who cares? I’m diggin’ it, and that is all that matters.

The tune was released on Oct 7th but to keep the hype level high they held off on the accompanying video until yesterday when it was unleashed onto YouTube:

As far as videos go, just as their music, this is nothing new for AC/DC. David Mallet, who had directed all of their videos since Who Made Who is back, and this time goes in a direction that is closer to their pre-Fly On The Wall videos.

Back then, they would throw a camera on the band while they ripped through the tune like they were on stage. And just as back then Phil Rudd seems to be as thrilled as ever to have a camera on him:

There are a few interesting cutaways and special effects though. I liked the close ups of Angus fingers on the fret board during the solo best. I took notes. None will improve my guitar playing but it made me feel good about myself.

Having the whole band wear black looks good too as they blend in with the dark background. Probably a good trick to hide some wrinkles.


  1. Great track and I actually watched the video but in the end the video doesn’t sell me the song as I already dug the tune before the vid came out so I’m thinking that’s a good thing lol

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  2. It is straight up AC/DC at its finest. Nothing crazy original in the arrangement but when you hear it, you know exactly who it is. Aging rock stars still killing it like back in the day is amazing they can still roll with the same presence.

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  3. I heard that the camera on Angus’ fingers was a nod to “Thunderstruck” (they did a similar thing for the intro in the video). The boys and David Mallet talked about it on their “zoom call” about AC/DC music videos. The more I listen to “Shot in the Dark,” I’m starting to like it too, but I wouldn’t rank it as one of their best written tracks. I think the verses are much stronger than the chorus. Also, I’m still tripping over the fact that Phil and Stevie were in a video together!

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      1. That’s interesting because I’m not a fan of his solo in this one, but again we have different opinions, which is cool! Have you heard the sneak peek of “Demon Fire”? It reminds me of “Safe in New York City” in a way, but I like the chorus better in “Demon Fire.” So far!

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