[MarsNews] AC/DC’s First New Single in Six Years, “Shot In the Dark” is Released

Life can be a roller coaster of emotions.  This week felt like it was going to be the best 2020 has had since February, and then Eddie Van Halen passed yesterday.  Oof.  What a speed bump.

For those of us who are still here today and possibly tomorrow, we still have time to do things we enjoy.  For me, listening to AC/DC’s new single Shot In The Dark is one that I am relishing in:  

I like it.  It is not about to set the world on fire.  It isn’t a return to the “glory days”.

But it is comforting.  It’s that sound.  Phil’s pounding drums, Cliff’s thumping bass with Angus’s guitar layered on top.  I’m home. 

I bet there are millions of Van Halen fans wishing they could be in my place.

Then Brian’s vocals kick in:  

I need a pick me up
A rollin’ thunder truck

I know this was unintentional, but… holy crap!  I do need a pick me up.  And I had a close call with a semi-truck who merged into my lane without signaling this morning.  It wouldn’t shock me to discover that it is a rollin’ thunder one:

Keep in mind, the wide view angle of these camera’s make what is in front of you further away than what they are. I had to channel my inner Burt Reynolds and exit the highway early to avoid an accident.

Anyway, back to the song… Angus’ solo sounds great and Brian’s voice is in fine form.  Stevie, once again, does a solid job filling in Malcolm’s rhythm guitar parts but I do miss Mal’s backing vocals. 

Deke over at Thunder Bay Arena Rock keeps doing a tremendous job as Team Lead for the BuriedOnMars.com Research Department by providing me with the complete track list for Power Up.

01. Realize
02. Rejection
03. Shot In The Dark
04. Through The Mists Of Time
05. Kick You When You’re Down
06. Witch’s Spell
07. Demon Fire
08. Wild Reputation
09. No Man’s Land
10. Systems Down
11. Money Shot
12. Code Red

Everything appears to be in order but… Through the Mists of Time?!?! That sounds more like a Rush or Led Zeppelin title. Money Shot, now THAT sounds like an AC/DC title.

A total of 12 tunes is right in the middle of AC/DC longest album, Black Ice and their shortest, Rock Or Bust. I usually tend to prefer the shorter albums, but if these are the final tunes we get out of this band, I’m not going to complain.

Now, it is time to wait for PWR/UP to come out. I tried pre-ordering it today on amazon, but a search for it only showed power bars and electrical cables. Get your act together, amazon.ca!


  1. Holy Crap!! This sounds like…like…like everything else they have done and not bad on top of that. I’ve played it a few times this morning. Looking forward to the album. Now to decide to I want vinyl or splurge and get the deluxe CD.

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