[MarsNews] AC/DC Previews New Tune, (A) Shot In The Dark

I decided to start calling these little bits of info MarsNews due to why not?  Also, over the next few months there will probably be a lot more AC/DC info flying our way as their PR team pulls rabbits out of their hats.  So, it could be fun to stay on top of it.

And hey, welcome to the new buriedonmars.com.  Tell your friends. 

Today, AC/DC gave us a whopping 30 seconds of what is most likely to be the first single off of the new album, PWR/UP which was announced yesterday.  Probably titled Shot In The Dark or A Shot In The Dark as this sounds like a chorus to me:

They video was simply named #PWRUP Teaser 1. Gotta get that hashtag going.

They could have given us the whole song but we know how that wouldn’t make sense in this day of micro news cycles. Small teasers will keep the album in everyone’s minds until to comes out (what should be) before Christmas if this tweet from Tuesday is anything to go by:

Heck, it has been right about everything else, so far. Why not believe PWR/UP will be out on Dec. 7th?

Anyway, I’m stoked. The new song has a nice bluesy lick that I can dig. It sounds just like everything else they have done and that is not a complaint.

During this challenging year I’m all in for a healthy dose of new comfort tunes.


  1. It’s funny, with some artists, I want every song to be different.
    But with ACDC, like you mentioned, when the songs are similar, that’s not a complaint – with them, I want to hear them sounding like ACDC!

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