[MarsNews] AC/DC saves 2020. Predicable.

Why, yes. I believe I am.

Hey, why not some good news for a change? After watching that crazy “debate” last night which Dana Bash accurately described as a “shit show” on CNN, we get something that everyone can get behind! A new AC/DC album!

Well, I mean… everyone who is COOL can get behind.

We knew something was coming for a while. There were sightings as far back as 2018 of the band gathering outside of a recording studio in Vancouver.

There is still much we don’t know, but we at least now have the line up that recorded something on this album. Brain Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams all join Angus and Stevie Young.

It is crazy to think as of yesterday, it was questionable if three of these guys would be there. Brian was forced to exit the band in 2016 due to hearing issues, Phil exited before that due to a run in with the law, and Cliff announcing a retirement from touring in 2018.

But now they’re all here for a new album!

It will be called PWR/UP, but we don’t know when it will be released. Rumors say, December 7th, but you know what you can do with rumours.

Will there be a tour? Will Cliff and Brian be with them it there is? We don’t know.

Is the photo in the tweet the new album’s cover or is it only a promotional piece? We don’t know. I hope it is the cover. Their music hasn’t changed in 45 years, why should their poses on album covers?

What is the set list for this album? Is it all original material? We don’t know.

Judging by how 2020 has gone so far… I imagine PWR/UP is a complete re-recording of Powerage with this current line up. It won’t be as good as the original, and their will be many changes, but this is Angus’ new vision. To pour salt on that wound, Angus is going go full Lucas and make this the only way to hear Powerage from now on. The original album will be replaced by PWR/UP on every streaming service. People will hold onto their original CDs, cassettes, and vinyl records until every stereo in the world goes High Def, making them obsolete. You think I’m joking but I am.


  1. I’m glad someone beat me to writing a post about this lol! I’m not sure if it’ll be a reimagining of ‘Powerage,’ but if it’s filled with Mal’s old riffs, then we have nothing to worry about! Someone on insta pointed out that the font is the same as their Australia-only ‘High Voltage’ album. Also, there’s a typo here: “There is still much we don’t know, but we at least now have the line up that recorded something on this album. Brain Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Johnson all join Angus and Stevie Young.” Notice the Cliff Johnson portion, other than that, great write-up!

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    1. All these so called “fans” who read this post before you missed Cliff Johnson! Proof you are the true AC/DC fan around here and have a sharp eye! I think you should do a write up if you still want to. I’ll read it!

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      1. Wow I am honored, but I wouldn’t call myself a true AC/DC fan, I just have an eye for grammatical and spelling errors like that, and I have a soft spot for Cliff lol. I’ll definitely do a write-up by the end of the week, since it looks like they’ll be posting updates throughout the entire week.

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