Did Megadeth rip off this tune from Maiden?

Soooo… I’m watching some random dude on the YouTube who is ranking Iron Maiden’s studio albums. His #1 is Powerslave. Cool. Fair enough.

But… he wraps up his gush for the album by saying:

“Listen to the The Duellist then listen to Megadeth’s Liar and tell me Dave Mustaine did not rip off Maiden.”

Uh… what?

I give him the benefit of the doubt and I listened to both with fresh ears:

I feel like I’m usually pretty good at spotting rip offs, but if it is there on this one I can’t hear it. If anything, I can hear a little Skin o’ my Teeth in Liar which would be Dave ripping himself off later on in 1992. Which is OK to do in my book.

But maybe he meant a different song? If Liar reminds you of another Maiden tune, enlighten me!


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