August 2020’s Movie Watch List with Juicy Stats

Well, I’m back to watching 30+ movies in a month which is my average.  Overall, most of them were just OK, but there are a few gems!  There is one movie here that I think will spark some conversation.  I did watch it while think of several of you.  See if you can spot which one it is… 

The List

  • An asterisk (*) indicates a first time viewing.
  • Links will take you to write-ups posted.
  • Bold font indicates a write-up is done and scheduled to be posted.
  • Strike-through means I didn’t enjoy it enough to finish it.
Date Watched Film Title Year Released My Rating
Aug01 The Andromeda Strain 1971 4.5
Aug01 Kicking and Screaming* 1995 0
Aug02 The Thing 1982 5
Aug03 Terminator: Dark Fate* 2019 3
Aug04 Westworld* 1973 3
Aug05 The Fury* 1978 3
Aug06 Woman of The Year* 1942 3
Aug08 A Big Hand for the Little Lady* 1966 2.5
Aug09 Jeremiah Johnson* 1972 4.5
Aug10 Foul Play* 1978 3
Date Watched Film Title Year Released My Rating
Aug11 Pennies From Heaven* 1981 2.5
Aug12 Roxanne 1987 4
Aug13 The Dead Don’t Die* 2019 2
Aug15 The Running Man 1987 3.5
Aug16 Blue Thunder* 1982 2
Aug17 The King of Marvin Gardens 1972 2.5
Aug18 Sea Of Love* 1988 2.5
Aug20 Tokyo Joe* 1949 2.5
Date Watched Film Title Year Released My Rating
Aug21 The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years* 1988 3.5
Aug21 The Honeymoon Machine* 1961 2.5
Aug22 The Old Guard* 2020 2
Aug23 Soldier in the Rain* 1963 2.5
Aug24 The Rack* 1956 4.5
Aug25 The Left Handed Gun* 1958 3
Aug26 Extraction* 2020 3
Aug26 The Electric Horsemen* 1979 3
Aug27 In The Tall Grass* 2019 2
Aug28 Ip Man* 2008 5
Aug29 Da 5 Bloods* 2020 3
Aug30 The Mule* 2018 4
Aug31 White Heat* 1949 5

The Juicy Stats

Total Number of movies watched: 31
The number of first-time watches: 26
Oldest movie: Woman of the Year (1942)
Longest movie: Da 5 Bloods (2hr 36m)
Most watched actor: Robert Redford (3) (2nd month in a row!)
The number of movies watched by decade:
‘30s – 0
‘40s – 3
‘50s – 3
‘60s – 3
‘70s – 7
‘80s – 7
‘90s – 1
‘00s – 1
‘10s – 7

How I watched them:
PVR/DVR – 19
DVD Collection – 0
Blu-ray Collection – 3
4K Blu-ray collection – 
Public Library DVD – 0
Netflix – 5
Amazon Prime – 1
Tubi – 0
YouTube – 1
Kodi – 0
Disney+ – 0
Pirates – 1

Action – 3
Animated – 0
Comedy – 9
Comic Book – 1
Crime – 0
Documentaries – 1
Dramas – 6
Fantasy – 0
Film Noir – 1
Horror – 1
Kung Fu – 1
Thriller – 0
War – 1
Western – 1

Baseball time!
These are the “batting stats” compiled for the FIRST TIME watches.  I give each movie a rating out of 5.  5s are home runs, 4s and 3s are hits, 2s and 1s are pop or ground outs, an NA (did not finish) is a Strike Out.  This tells me how well of a job I’m doing at picking which movies to watch.

I have adjusted my scoring a bit by allowing half points.  I’m going to count 4.5s as homers and 2.5s as outs.  2.5 are movie I fell I didn’t waste my time but didn’t really need to see.

Good Movie Average:  15/26 – .576  (Last month: .809)
Home Runs: 4 – Ip Man, Jeremiah Johnson, White Heat, The Rack
Strikeouts: 1 – Kicking and Screaming (although The Old Guard came close)

Most Under-Watched: The Rack
Most Disappointing: Blue Thunder
Most Fun: Ip Man
Most Forgettable: Sea of Love
Most Fun re-watch: The Running Man
The movie I can finally cross off the Bucket-list: Jeremiah Johnson
Most surprising performance:  Tie! Diane Wiest – The Mule, Walter Pidgeon – The Rack
Appearance that made me cringe the most:
Tie! Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons – The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years*
Most Pleasant Surprise: The Rack
Best Re-watch: The Thing
Worst Movie: Kicking and Screaming
Best Movie: Ip Man

Feel free to tell me how terrible my opinion(s) are in the comments!

I’m going to set a couple to goals for myself for September.  One is to finish off the X-Men movies that I started a few months ago.  I better watch the rest before I forget what has happened again!

Second, is to watch the rest of the Ip Man series.  So good!


  1. I saw a dancer once and her name was The Rack and you scored her a 4.5! LOL Atta Boy!
    I am no where near the movie pace you do every month Kev but I did watch Master and Commander with Crowe last night. It was pretty good. I would give it a 4!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Rack has a horrible name but it is a great movie! Guy comes back from the Korean war all messed up. Really ahead of its time with PTSD in the ’50s! Love Master and Commander! Russell Crowe nails it in that one!


      1. True….but when you know the reality of his scene, it’s just as cringey as P&G… although by that point in the 80s, most things P&G did were cringe-inducing.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Great stuff…I love the stats. But I’m a numbers guy so not unexpected. The amount of movies you watch is easily similar to the number of albums I listen to in a month except a lot of albums I listen to numerous times and you probably only watch the movie once.

    Liked by 1 person

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