Lana Teramae’s write up of AC/DC’s ‘Flick of the Switch’

Well, today is the day I quit keeping Lana Teramae all to myself.  I stumbled onto her blog sometime last week and she has been writing up a storm lately about an Australian hard rock outfit called AC/DC.  A band I know very little about but I’m endlessly fascinated by.  Today she gave Flick of The Switch a favorable review, which is an easy way for anyone to win some brownie points from me.

She is also a huge Def Leppard fan which I understand some of you guys are into as well.   So, follow the link and don’t tell her I sent you.  I’m way too modest for such nonsense.

AC/DC’s Flick of the Switch (1983) was their eighth studio album released internationally, and their ninth album released in Australia overall. Besides being the third AC/DC album to feature Brian Johnson on vocals, it was also the final one to feature drummer Phil Rudd before his eleven-year departure from the band. The previous three albums were produced […]

via AC/DC’s ‘Flick of the Switch’ Is a Raw Masterpiece — Lana Teramae | Me, Myself and Time


  1. Awww thank you for the shoutout BuriedOnMars, I really appreciate it! I love your reviews as well and your posts about your vinyl collections. I love hearing your backstories with Motörhead, The Who, and AC/DC, etc. I starting doing my album reviews based on yours actually because I enjoy your way with words and your honesty on songs you like/dislike. So I should be thanking you for helping me out! Rock on and can’t wait to read more posts from you in the future! 🙂

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          1. I have a few ideas for blog posts, but they require the use of YouTube videos. I noticed you’ve included videos into some of your posts, do you need a license to do that? I don’t want to get in trouble that’s why!

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