July 2020’s Movies Watched List with Juicy Stats!

Happy Civic weekend, everyone!

If you’re not a Canadian you’re probably wondering what I mean by “Civic weekend”.  Well, we Canadians have made the first Monday in the month of August a holiday in celebration of the Honda Civic!  Due to Covid, ‘Civic Parade’ at the Honda Plant has been canceled for the first time in over 40 years.  As far as I know, ‘Corrolla Eve’ is still happening in November.  Look it up!

Oof… only 24 movies this month?!!?

Well, let me tell you…  not much.  I spent a few evenings watching people play professional baseball instead of acknowledging the global pandemic they are swimming in.  Spent a few evenings outside with Sarah and the podcasting took up a few more.  So, it was just a bunch of small things that added up.

The List

  • An asterisk (*) indicates a first time viewing.
  • Links will take you to write-ups posted.
  • Bold font indicates a write-up is done and scheduled to be posted.
  • Strike-through means I didn’t enjoy it enough to finish it.
Date Watched Film Title Year Released My Rating
Jul01 Some One Up There Likes Me* 1956 3
Jul01 Inherit The Wind* 1999 3
Jul02 The Young Philadelphians* 1959 3
Jul04 Brubaker* 1980 3
Jul05 Ladyhawke* 1985 NA
Jul05 Switching Channels* 1988 3.5
Jul06 The Great Waldo Pepper* 1975 4
Jul07 Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)* 2014 NA


Date Watched Film Title Year Released My Rating
Jul08 Havana* 1990 NA
Jul08 The Terminator 1984 5
Jul09 Terminator 2: Judgement Day 1991 5
Jul10 The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean* 1972 NA
Jul11 Cat On A Hot Tin Roof* 1958 4
Jul12 California Suite* 1978 3
Jul13 The Wrecking Crew* 2008 5
Jul14 The Mosquito Coast* 1986 3
Date Watched Film Title Year Released My Rating
Jul15 In The Heat of the Night 1967 5
Jul15 Paths Of Glory* 1957 3.5
July16 They Call Me Mr. Tibbs!* 1970 3.5
July17 The Organization* 1971 3.5
July23 Attack The Block* 2011 4.5
Jul24 Eighth Grade* 2018 5
Jul24 It Follows* 2014 3
Jul26 The Old Man and the Gun* 2018 3

The Juicy Stats

Total Number of movies watched: 24
The number of first-time watches: 21
Oldest movie: Someone Up There Likes Me (1956)
Longest movie: The Young Philadelphians (2hr 16m)
Most watched actor: Robert Redford (4)
The number of movies watched by decade:
‘30s – 0
‘40s – 0
‘50s – 3
‘60s – 1
‘70s – 4
‘80s – 4
‘90s – 2
‘00s – 1
‘10s – 5

How I watched them:
PVR/DVR – 14
DVD Collection – 1
Blu-ray Collection – 5
4K Blu-ray collection – 1
Public Library DVD – 0
Netflix – 1
Amazon Prime – 0
Tubi – 0
YouTube – 0
Kodi – 0
Disney+ – 0
Pirates – 2

Action – 0
Animated – 0
Comedy – 2
Comic Book – 0
Crime – 3
Documentaries – 1
Dramas – 11
Fantasy – 1
Film Noir – 0
Horror – 1
Kung Fu – 0
Thriller – 0
War – 1
Western – 1

Baseball time!
These are the “batting stats” compiled for the FIRST TIME watches.  I give each movie a rating out of 5.  5s are home runs, 4s and 3s are hits, 2s and 1s are pop or ground outs, an NA (did not finish) is a Strike Out.  This tells me how well of a job I’m doing at picking which movies to watch.

Good Movie Average:  17/21 – .809  (Last month: .917)
Home Runs: 2 – Eighth Grade, The Wrecking Crew
Strikeouts: 4

Most Under-Watched: The Wrecking Crew
Most Overrated: Birdman
Most Fun: Switching Channels
Most Forgettable: The Old Man and The Gun
Best re-watch: The Terminator
The movie I can finally cross off the Bucket-list: Paths of Glory
Most surprising performance:  ElizabethLizzy’ Taylor – Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
Most Bizzare Casting:
Harrison Ford as Allie Fox in The Mosquito Coast
The film that was the Most Pleasant Surprise: Eighth Grade
Worst Movie: Birdman
Best Movie: Eighth Grade

Feel free to tell me how terrible my opinion(s) are in the comments!


  1. Next to Halloween “Honda Civic” day is my favorite (Good one Mars).
    A few on the list I have seen. I was disappointed in ‘Roy Bean’ also. ‘The Westerner’ with Cooper and Brennan is a good one.
    Pretty good wack of movies again.


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