June 2020’s Movies Watched List with Juicy Stats!

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

Another month, another pile of movies to pour over and examine!  After putting away a whomping 66 movies in May, I only managed to get to exactly half in June.  There is no one reason for it.  There was a lot of podcasting happening this month, Sarah and I got back into hiking, allergies played some havoc on me for a couple of days, and I played a few video games.  So, it was a combination of a few things, I guess.

I have also been re-watching a ton in my Blu-ray collection.  This limited the first time views to only 12 flicks, but it also meant no strikeouts!  I finished every movie I started and only didn’t care for one, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo.  And even that had its redeeming qualities.  The Revenant is the only home run (I can’t recommend it enough and I’m looking to add it to the collection) but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy a hell of a lot more.

So much of what I re-watched are films that I haven’t seen in a really long time, and I’m so happy to see that most held up over time!

The List

  • An asterisk (*) indicates a first time viewing.
  • Links will take you to write-ups posted.
  • Bold font indicates a write-up is done and scheduled to be posted.
  • Strike-through means I didn’t enjoy it enough to finish it.


Date Watched Film Title Year Released My Rating
Jun01 X-Men: First Class 2011 4
Jun01 Almost Famous: The Bootleg Cut 2001 5
Jun02 Wheels On Meals* 1984 4
Jun02 Some Like It Hot 1959 5
Jun03 Stalag 17 1953 4.5
Jun04 The Wolverine 2013 3.5
Jun04 Sunset Boulevard 1950 5
Jun05 Glengarry Glen Ross 1992 5
Jun05 Ulzanas Raid* 1972 3
Jun06 A Fist Full of Dollars 1963 4
Jun07 For A Few Dollars More 1965 5
Jun07 Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 5
Date Watched Film Title Year Released My Rating
Jun08 Ghostbusters 1984 5
Jun08 The Good, The Bad, & the Ugly 1966 5
Jun09 Sabrina* 1954 4
Jun11 Irma La Douce 1963 4
Jun12 Duck, You Sucker* 1971 4
Jun13 Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure 1989 3.5
Jun14 Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey 1991 3.5
Date Watched Film Title Year Released My Rating
Jun15 Sweet Bird of Youth* 1962 3.5
Jun18 Fletch Lives 1989 3.5
Jun19 Crossfire* 1947 3
Jun19 30 Seconds Over Tokyo* 1944 2.5
Jun20 Fighting With My Family* 2019 3.5
Jun21 Alien 1979 5
Date Watched Film Title Year Released My Rating
Jun22 The Major and The Minor* 1942 4
Jun25 The Revenant* 2015 5
Jun26 The Last Detail 1973 4
Jun26 One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest 1975 4
Jun27 Five Easy Pieces 1970 4
Jun27 Truth* 2015 3
Jun28 Network 1976 4
Jun29 The King’s Speech* 2010 4


The Juicy Stats

Total Number of movies watched: 33
The number of first-time watches: 12
Oldest movie: The Major and The Minor (1942)
Longest movie: The Good, The Bad, & the Ugly (2hr 58m)
Most watched actor: William Holden (5)
The number of movies watched by decade:
‘30s – 0
‘40s – 3
‘50s – 4
‘60s – 5
‘70s – 7
‘80s – 4
‘90s – 2
‘00s – 1
‘10s – 7

How I watched them:
DVD Collection – 2
Blu-ray Collection – 16
4K Blu-ray collection – 3
Public Library DVD – 0
Netflix – 0
Amazon Prime – 0
Tubi – 0
YouTube – 0
Kodi – 0
Disney+ – 0
Pirates – 3

Action – 1
Animated – 0
Comedy – 7
Comic Book – 2
Crime – 0
Documentaries – 0
Dramas – 12
Fantasy – 0
Film Noir – 1
Horror – 1
Kung Fu – 1
Romantic Comedy – 2
Thriller – 0
War – 1
Western – 5

Baseball time!
These are the “batting stats” compiled for the FIRST TIME watches.  I give each movie a rating out of 5.  5s are home runs, 4s and 3s are hits, 2s and 1s are pop or ground outs, an NA (did not finish) is a Strike Out.  This tells me how well of a job I’m doing at picking which movies to watch.

Good Movie Average:  11/12 –  .917 (Last month: .604)
Home Runs: 1 – The Revenant
Strikeouts: 0

Most underrated: Fletch Lives
Most overrated: Ulzana’s Raid
Most fun: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Most Forgettable: Truth
Better than I remembered: Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey
Not As Good As I remembered:
Best re-watch: Mad Max: Fury Road
The movie I can finally cross off the Bucket-list: Sabrina (1954)
Most surprising performance: Both Leo and Tom Hardy in The Revenant.
The film that was the Most Pleasant Surprise: The Revenant
Worst Movie: 30 Seconds Over Tokyo
Best Movie(s): The Revenant

Feel free to tell me how terrible my opinion(s) are in the comments!


  1. Man, again a lot of watching and A lot of ones I really like. I see you did the $$$ films. Yeah a summertime ritual for me and the gal. A Jack festival also. Loved Robert Ryan’s performance in ‘Crossfire’. Also a William Holden run. Good stuff Mars. Have you seen a film called ‘Mandy’? New Nick Cage. I’m using you as my screener on this one.

    Liked by 1 person

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