[Movie Review] The Foreigner (2017)

foreigner 2

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I jumped onto Netflix the other day looking for a specific movie when I see The Foreigner staring Jackie Chan is in the platform’s top ten.  Well now, you have earned my attention!  Good to see that Jackie can still attract a crowd!

The Foreigner begins with Jackie playing Quan, a restaurant ower with a seemingly meager demeanor living in modern-day London, England.  Quan is overprotective of his pre-teen daughter but his caution, unfortunately, cannot save her life.  When a rogue branch of the IRA named “The Authentic IRA” set off a bomb inside of a clothing store, Quan’s daughter, and last surviving member of his family, is killed.

Quan is determined to find the ones responsible and after failing to get the names from Scotland Yard, he turns his attention to Liam Hennessy (Pierce Brosnan) the deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland.  Hennessy gives Quan the runaround at first, which turns out to be a huge mistake.  Quan is restaurant owner now, but he was also a long range reconassance patrol officer during the Vietnam War, with special training in explosives.

As Mr. Burns once gleefully said after devouring a power pellet during an intense game of Pac Man, “The hunters have become the hunted!”

A thiller like this works swimmingly for Jackie who was 62 when making this.  As the plot ramped up, I wasn’t sure which Jackie was going to show up.  He walks around like he has had a hip replacement 6 months ago and I’m thinking… Is this an act?  I mean, an act for the character… not Jackie… who is acting.  Anyway, I don’t want to spoil what happens so I’ll let you find out if Quan relies on his skills as a explosive expert or if some crazy stunts show up. 

I will admit how the IRA stuff had me a little lost at times.  Backing stabbing with motives driven by past events, which isn’t revealed until we are far into the movie, is becoming one of my pet peeves.  But it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t follow it completely.

If Jackie Chan was ever to make a Death Wish style of movie, this is it. #MarsApproved


  1. We just finished ‘dead to me’ on the netflix – so it sounds like Jackie might be the right choice for the next thing!
    Incidentally, surely you’ve seen this, the word ‘classic’ is an understatement:

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  2. I am a big Jackie Chan and and a huge fan of his movies. I saw The Foreigner in the movies theater when it was released and immediately bought the DVD opon its release. It is great to see him in a big budget Hollywood movie where he gets to showcase his acting.

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      1. Yes The Foreigner is a great movie. I have been a huge Jackie Chan fan since Rumble In The Bronx. I make a effort to see his movies in the theaters. Unfortunately many of of recent Hong Kong movies only seem to play in theaters in limited release.


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