March 2020’s Movie Watch List with Juicy Stats

A light month for watching movies when compared to January and February!  I know a lot of people are enjoying some free time this COVID-19 outbreak is giving them, but it has caused more stressful days than relaxing ones for me… and so it goes…

Also, I watched a few more clunkers this month than the previous two causing my average to dip below .500!  Well, the good times might have been a little sparse but at least there were some!

An asterisk (*) indicates a first time viewing.
Links will take you to write-ups posted.
Bold font indicates a write-up is done and scheduled to be posted.
Strike-through means I didn’t enjoy it enough to finish it.

Mar1 – Jewel of the Nile
Mar2 – After The Wedding*
Mar4 – The Stunt Man*
Mar6 – ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band from Texas*
Mar6 – War of the Roses
Mar7 – White Lightning
Mar7 – Gator
Mar7 – Harvey*
Mar8 – Bon Cop Bad Cop*

Mar11 – The Lords of Flatbush*
Mar15 – Badge 373*
Mar15 – The Roaring Twenties
Mar16 – The Last of the Mohicans*
Mar17 – Joe vs The Volcano*
Mar18 – Old Gringo*
Mar18 – On Golden Pond*
Mar19 – The Irish In Us*
Mar19 – The Cooler*

Mar20 – Klute*
Mar21 – Gladiator
Mar21 – Joysticks*
Mar21 – The Fabulous Baker Boys*
Mar24-  The Platform*
Mar27 – Back To School
Mar28 – Easy Money
Mar28 – Caddyshack
Mar29 – Uncut Gems*


Juicy Stats:
Total Number of movies watched: 27
The number of first-time watches: 18
Oldest movie: The Irish In Us (1935)
Longest movie: Gladiator (2hr 51m)
Most watched actor: Tied – Jane Fonda and Rodney Dangerfield (3)
The number of movies watched by decade:
‘30s – 2
‘40s – 0
‘50s – 1
‘60s – 0
‘70s – 5
‘80s – 10
‘90s – 2
‘00s – 1
‘10s – 3

How I watched them:
PVR/DVR – 12
DVD collection – 0
Blu-ray collection – 4
4K Blu-ray collection – 0
Public Library DVD – 4
Netflix – 4
Amazon Prime – 0
Legit Stream – 1
Pirates – 2

Action – 5
Comedy – 8
Crime – 3
Documentaries – 1
Dramas – 6
Fantasy – 1
Thriller – 2
Horror – 0
Science Fiction – 1

Baseball time!
These are the “batting stats” compiled for the FIRST TIME watches.  I give each movie a rating out of 5.  5s are home runs, 4s and 3s are hits, 2s and 1s are pop or ground outs, an NA (did not finish) is a Strike Out.  This tells me how well of a job I’m doing at picking which movies to watch.

Good Movie Average:  8/18 – .443  (Last month: .763)

Home Runs: 3
On Golden Pond
The Platform

Strikeouts: 3
The Stunt Man – Bad movie
Bon Cop Bad Cop – I’m not bright enough for this movie.  The jokes about the nuance between the French/English languages were going over my head.
The Lords of Flatbush – snoozer

Most underrated: On Golden Pond
Most overrated: Gladiator
Most fun: White Lightning, Gator
Most Forgettable: After The Wedding
Better than I remembered:  The Roaring Twenties
Best re-watch: Caddyshack
Most disappointing: Badge 373, The Cooler, The Last of the Mohicans
Oddest movie: War of the Roses
Cameo I totally forgot about and had almost made me squirt coffee through my nose when he popped up on the screen:  Kurt Vonnegut (Back To School)
Most surprising performance(s): Josephine Hull (Harvey), Adam Sandler, (Uncut Gems –If I grade on a curve) and Frank Beard (ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band from Texas).
Worst Movie: Joysticks
Best Movie: The Platform

Feel free to tell me how terrible my opinion(s) are in the comments!


      1. I get that. I am serviceable in French so I did get a lot of the humour. I particular liked the scene where they were in the house with a grow op in the basement and it caught fire. The very next scene, both cops are at HQ with serious munchies. Classic.

        Liked by 1 person

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