[Album Review] The Beavis and Butt-Head Experience

I promise not all of my Major Scores will be compilation discs, but there will be a few!  They played an important part in my mission to explore new bands, and The Beavis and Butt-Head Experience was no exception.  At the time, my exposure to the TV show was a VHS tape’s worth when visiting an acquaintance who had access to the MTV via one of those big Satellite TV dishes.  I was an instant fan.

I remember finding this album new with a deep price cut of $9.99.  Perhaps it didn’t sell well in Sudbury considering you had to go out of your way to see the show, or maybe it was always meant to be a budget release.  Regardless, this was a Major Score for me!  It featured some bands I had heard a lot (Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith) and several others I was itching to hear more from (Anthrax, White Zombie, Primus, Jackyl).  Plus, I got to show off my editing skills to Frank by taking the comedy bits on here and splice them together with Pantera or Sabbath on my mixtapes.

Just a few overall thoughts on The Beavis and Butt-Head Experience before we get into the tunes:  Beavis and Butt-Head are complimentary to all of the bands on here.  The only ones they have some fun with is Postive K, who I’m sure was hired to write a slow jam that Mike Judge (show creator and voice actor for both Beavis and Butt-Head. Just in case you didn’t know) could riff on.  The Cher song on here is in the same boat. So, I’m skipping on commenting on them in detail.  I’ll just say, they are well done and still funny.

The album features music from a few different genres including metal, grunge, hard rock, and hip hop.  Overall, it doesn’t make for the most balanced of listening experiences, but they find a way for all of them to fit into Beavis and Butt-Head’s wheelhouse.  On the show, they are a couple of metalheads who mock or scoff at any artist that wasn’t metal or hard rock.  But they would like Sir Mix-A-Lot’s lyrics.  Cher isn’t their flavor, but her ass tattoos and “experiences” are.  So it does work on that level.

Now, let’s see how this compilation helped to shaped my collection over the years.

“I Hate Myself and Want to Die”
by Nirvana
Nirvana recorded this during the In Utero sessions.  It didn’t make the album since Kurt Cobain thought it already had enough “noise songs” and was “boring”.   The lyrics have nothing to do with the title and instead was intended to be his ironic statement to the media who labeled him as “angry all of the time”.  OK.  I’m not much of a Nirvana guy but I always thought this one was one of their better tunes.  I still like it.  B

“Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun”
by Anthrax
The first Anthrax tune I had heard was their cover of Joe Jackson’s “Got The Time” on Much Music, and this Beastie Boys cover was the second.  Neither had impressed me.  Anthrax would become one of my favourite bands but it didn’t start here.  C

What I did enjoy was the bit Anthrax did with B&B!  Give it a spin if you have the time:

To summarize if not, The boys stumble upon the band’s trailer, Anthrax lets them in and gives them some girlie mags, Beavis locks himself in the bathroom… it is still hilarious! A++

“99 Ways to Die”
by Megadeth
I remember this being the point where people began turning on Megadeth (At least in my circle of the world).  Tt became the example for everything “wrong with the metal” as many took the lyrics for glorifying gun violence, but it is really about contemplating suicide.  I guess suicide is only cool if you speak of it ironically. *shrugs*  Anyway, listening to it now… it’s not one of Megadeth’s masterpieces o’ thrash from the past, but I think I like it as much as the Nirvana tune on here.  B

by Run–D.M.C
I’m not much of a hip hop guy and this song wasn’t really isn’t my jam…. so, NA for the tune.  The bit they do with B&B is comedy gold, however. So, A+ for the bit

“Deuces Are Wild”
by Aerosmith
The “now me” enjoys diving into Aerosmith’s old catalog and finding those sweet album tracks.  Back then, Aerosmith was the band on Much Music with the ballads.  At least the girls featured in their videos were not hard to look at.  Deuces are Wild was just another ballad-y ‘smith tune to add onto the pile for me.  Today… meh… it’s still just OK.  Not bad and thankfully not overplayed.  B-

“I Am Hell”
by White Zombie
White Zombie became one of my most listened to bands in the ’90s and this tune didn’t hurt at all.  I remember this coming onto one of my mixtapes and my Mom saying, “When you get older you’re not going to listen to this anymore.  You’re going to look back and be embarrassed that you did.” lol. Moms…  A-

“Poetry and Prose”
by Primus
Ah, I forgot how good this is.  I love how this wasn’t a throwaway from another recording session but was something written specifically for this.  Part of the song does have B&B talking over it… which is funny… but I do wish there was an alternate take buried on the disc somewhere so I can better hear Les Claypool’s brilliance.  I’m glad they did not speak over these lyrics though:

Stone Temple Pearlvana Chains, now there’s a helluva band
They got that original sound that’s been sweepin’ across the land
They ain’t no ZZ Top though, now that’s the band for me
If I had my way MTV’d play just them and AC/DC

Ha, it’s like Claypool was a fly on my wall in 1994!  I really need to take the time to listen to more Primus.   A+

“Monsta Mack”
by Sir Mix-a-Lot
Again, I’m not a hip hop guy.  I don’t know what makes for a good rap song and what doesn’t.  I just find this one to be fun.  Sir Mix-a-Lot makes a-Lot of references to himself while calling out the media and other artists who look down on him.  Sort of doing the Eminem thing a half a decade prior.  Plus, Sir Mix uses a cartoonish crushing sound effect in the procession.  It is good times.  I probably didn’t give this more than one spin back in the day to hear if B&B dropped some comedy gold in it.  But I can appreciate it now.  I would listen to this.  A… I guess

“Search and Destroy” (Originally performed by The Stooges)
by Red Hot Chili Peppers
RHCP was everywhere at the time.  You couldn’t walk a half of a foot without running into Under the Bridge.  When I heard this tune I thought… this is more my speed.  It wasn’t until much, much later in life I discovered who The Stooges were.  The Stooges’ original groove was lightning in a bottle that I don’t think RHCP recaptured, but this is still a solid cover.  Liked it both then and now.  B+

“Mental Masturbation”
by Jackyl
Oh man, this was my favourite tune on the album.  I love the intensity and was getting a strong AC/DC vibe from this band.  I’ll just grade the song now with an A+.

I remember picking up their self titled debut and the follow-up Push Comes to Shove because of it.  I remember on the way home to listen to them, Frank saying “Watch Mental Masturbation be their only good song.”  Not possible, I thought.  Ehhhh… I was kind of wrong…  It turned out that Jackyl was just OK and those two albums got traded away within six months.  I gave them another spin on Spotify for a reminder and I still feel the same.  Keeping up Mental Masturbation‘s intensity for an entire album isn’t easy and Jackyl is not that interesting in the lower gears.  My relationship with Jackyl, D-

And there you have it.  The Beavis and Butt-Head Experience remains to be a fun album to listen to.  It may not have shaped my collection as much a Nativity In Black did, but I do wonder how much that would have changed if I spent more effort searching for Primus instead of Jackyl.   Ah, well… it isn’t too late!  Maybe this sucker has started me down a new path 25 years later!



  1. I like the fact that you explain how each tune shaped your listening curve as well. Cool stuff!
    Jackyl I dug those first two albums but that was about it. They were a good opener when I saw Aerosmith back in 93. Primus are freaks man, but in a good way! I really first heard of them on the Bill and Ted Soundtrack and than caught them on the Dennis Miller Show where thEy opened with a snippet of YYZ!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great stuff! Always nice to grab a grail item. I used to have this, but lord knows what happened to it. Possibly loaned to someone or something. Haven’t had it in the collection for years, but it was a treat. Bought it for the Nirvana track (I was mad daft on them).


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