Glass Tiger, Nursing Home

One of my tasks at work is to convert videos posted on social media into our system.  We then broadcast it while our hosts comment on them.  You know, filler content for the morning show and whatnot.

When given one of the videos to convert, a title (we call them “slugs”) is usually attached to the request.  The title for this request was GLASS TIGER NURSING HOME.  At first, I thought “Geez, is Glass Tiger already in the nursing home?”  But no, it turns out they did a little impromptu performance of their hit “Someday” to a 95-year-old fan Jean Savage who is staying at the Pleasant View Lodge in Mayerthorpe, which is far up in northern Alberta.

Anyway, this video is making the rounds, so it is very likely that you have seen it.  Just thought I’d post it here in case you haven’t.  I’m not the biggest Glass Tiger fan, but I adore stripped-down versions of popular tunes.  Especially when it is the original artists performing them (See Lady Gaga on Howard Stern and every episode of MTV Unplugged).  Alan Frew, who originally posted the video on his facebook page, is singing and I’m guessing Sam Reid is on the piano, and some woman I couldn’t identify is harmonizing with him.  A beautiful moment, congrats on Frew for taking care of the pipes, enjoy:


  1. Mars, you’re breaking my heart. That is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. I know nothing of the singer or the band but whata beautiful moment. Just the look on Jean’s face. CB is going to be tearing up all day.
    (Due to this post CB is unable to watch and comment on the new pick up take today)

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