Music Pickups with wife, Part 11 (Record Store Day, Spring 2019)

Pickup video number 3 or 4 that we shot on Easter Day! These pickups were insanely fresh when we recorded it with Record Store Day being the weekend prior.

This video is a little more story-driven and lite on the actual pickups.  Hope that’s ok, but it was a fun day that we wanted to share our experience!  So, here is what we found on RSD, Sprind 2019:


  1. RSD here in Tbay sucks! No promos here or anything! Sunrise here locally dropped the ball.
    Just thought I would toss that out there! haha
    Nice scores all around Folks! Gald to see the DD work out for you Sarca! That little Motorhead set looks cool. Cool that you got your pal the Dylan album.
    Put this video on Closed Caption and your site is called ‘Buried Omars’ along with wife ‘Sarkis Sin!’
    Great stuff folk’s!

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