How I Messed Up My First Twisted Sister Purchase

I loved Twisted Sister videos when I was a kid.  Both of my parents were too cheap to get a cable channel past 13 on the dial, so my main avenue for watching music vids was the CBC’s Video Hits with host Samantha Taylor.

Hey, the show was legit.  They even picked up Much Music’s most recognizable host this side of Erica Ehm, Gallagher for a hot minute and renamed it Dan Gallagher’s Video Hits.

The graphics done up in all lower case let’s you know they mean business.

Anyway… I used to put on Video Hits just waiting to see what Huey Lewis, Cyndi Lauper, or David Lee Roth would do next. I didn’t care what the genre was as long as the videos were fun to watch!  Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It was one of my favs.

The winner of my award for best YouTube comment on this video goes to John Buhl: “5 cross dressers violently assault Vietnam Vet in his own home“.  LOL!

And how spoiled was this kid?  A TV, Atari 2600, a skateboard, AND a Fender Stratocaster all in his room?

rich kid

Although I suppose he does share the room with his brother considering there are two beds in it.

two beds

Even if the video is cheesier than a greasy plate of Applebee’s nachos, the premise was good enough for Michael Jackson to rip off seven years later:

I’m not sure why Mikey copied the intro since it doesn’t fit in with the song’s message.  He probably liked it because it featured a small boy. (Topical!)

ANYWAY…. back to my cock up…

We’re Not Gonna Take It is on Twisted Sister’s biggest selling album, Stay Hungry.  It was the only album of theirs that was on my radar and I was only casually looking for it.  If I found a playable copy on vinyl for $5(?), I’ll grab it kind of thing.

But then Blogger for the Bold, Super Dekes wrote a glowing review of their previous album, You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll and suddenly this becomes a priority.  I know of this album since I passed on the copy my sitting at my local store for $10.  The only tune I recognized on it at the time was I Am (I’m Me).  After reading how the rest is given the Super Dekes’ Seal o’ Approval, it reminded me of how I needed to give this a Spotify test run.

It passes the “steam a bit from my work computer” test, the “download onto my phone and listen while I’m out for a walk” test, and finally the “I’d rather listen to this again instead of a podcast for my commute home” test.  Not all albums past these tests.

I’m now have a mission for my next visit to the record shop.  Get You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll.  I’m unable to visit the store until the following weekend but luckily it is still there. Huzzah!  I inspect the vinyl before I buy.  The sleeve is in good shape and the disc will need a bit of cleaning but it is playable.  Worth $10.

outter sleeve

It isn’t until I get the LP home and put it on the platter that I notice the ROOKIE mistake I had made.  I didn’t check the label!  The disc in the sleeve is not You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll but it is Stay Hungry instead!

record label

Now here is my dilemma… do I return this or keep it in hope of finding a suitable sleeve for Stay Hungry and a playable disc for You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll.  I’m wondering if anyone has successfully done this in the past.  What are my chances of making this happen?  I’m not too confident and feel like I’ll be buying both again.  But if I keep it at least I can listen to Stay Hungry in the meantime!  What should I do?


  1. I have learned the hard way to check the condition, and make sure the album inside is the same album (even pressing) that is supposed to be inside.
    Usually it happens at a thrift store for a few bucks. It seems much more likely there than a record store.
    Sometimes I will still buy it if the copy(or jacket) is in better shape than one I own, or if I do not have it. I recently bought a rare 2lp album that only had 1 disc inside. Maybe I’ll find the 2nd disc elsewhere. At least I can listen to 1 for now.

    I say listen to it. Call the store. The owner may give you a partial credit even if you decide to keep it. He won’t be able to sell it as is anyway.

    Sometimes on Discogs people list just the jacket or have a nice slab but damaged/missing jacket. You may get lucky.

    Also, I do not get record stores that don’t clean vinyl. I have gone to many that don’t do it, but it baffles me. With the vinyl craze on now, having clean vinyl that has been play graded and inspected for things such as wrong album inside should be mandatory. You had one job bro.

    Lastly Dan Gallagher rules.

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    1. lol, Gallagher does rule! I miss that guy. The store gets in a ton of stock and a lot of it sold through consignment. He’s a small operation so I can understand how something wasn’t shelved correctly. Plus, he is a cool dude, so I can’t be angry with him. I’ll check out Discogs, thanks!

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      1. I go to a bunch of one owner operations. There’s only so many hours in the day and I get they can be too busy.

        I laugh a bit inside though when stock that has come in is clearly sitting in boxes and not put out for weeks, and the owner explains he has no time. But often I am the only customer for hours and he could be putting out the stock. I would have a spin clean or some album cleaning device in the store and clean it. Then play it in store while chatting with customers.
        As a customer I want to know what gems are in those boxes, and I have bought so many albums because they were playing in the store when I was shopping.

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        1. His stock is in constant flux. I really was surprised to see the Twisted Sister album still there. He does have a section for new inventory that he hasn’t filed yet. All of it is priced and ready to be sold. He does have a cleaner running all of the time too. He does them for customers for a buck or sometimes free too. I imagine the $10 albums are not high on the priority list. If I brought it in and said it was dirty, he would clean it for free. And he is busy all the time I’m in there. He actually stayed open past closing so Sarah and I could look at the cheap stuff he had on sale. He does have music playing all of the time too and I have bought something that he was playing. It’s a crazy good store. I’m telling ya, it has to be it meets the Sarca Sim requirements for repeat visits!

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          1. I can not shop for vinyl with my wife since I prefer to continue breathing.
            I have heard that winning the Sarca Sim award is like climbing Everest or winning an Olympic medal.
            Thankfully he has a new arrival section.
            Pet peeve time. I have been harping on Mike’s old store to get a new arrivals section.
            I love record shopping but stores can eventually turn off customers that come in regularly if they are forced to go through all of the vinyl every freaking time they come in just in case some new stock arrived.

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            1. Thankfully Sarah is into it. She usually pick up more than I do! But she’s into the more common 80’s stuff so it doesn’t break the bank. The new arrival’s section is the first place I check.

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    2. One tidbit about Discogs shipping prices. Check the German(sometimes just European) releases.
      The shipping from Germany(and sometimes Japan and China) is very cheap.
      So if you find the an album in Canada and in Germany, it is actually cheaper to get it shipped from Germany to your house than it is from one city over by Canada Post. Usually 5-7 euro to ship a vinyl record from Germany to Canada.

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        1. The other cool thing is German pressings are usually good and back in the day they cost big bucks to bring in so are much more rare over here.
          Don’t even get me started on Japanese pressings.

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                  1. I suppose you’re right and I suppose you’re right. I guess my Google-Fu is off today because amazon was the first place I looked and all I saw was a copy for $77! But I see the $22 one now.


                    1. Also go to to compare any release price in any country.
                      Sometimes I buy from USA, Germany, France, Great Britain or Italy.
                      Even if the shipping is not free, it’s way cheaper than normal still, and is sometimes cheaper shipped in from another country Amazon.
                      Or sometimes the album is not listed here but is listed elsewhere.


  2. Wow. In all my years of buying vinyl and even CDs, I’ve never had that happen to me (incorrect recording inside a different sleeve). And to be honest, over the last 10 years or so, I never even checked. I’m with Ladano on this. return it and get the CD with the bonus tracks for both Stay Hungry and YCSRR

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    1. It happens all the time in pawn shops and thrift stores. Anywhere where they get the inventory through donations. DVDs, video games, CDs, you name it… people don’t check. First time I’ve seen it happen at a store like this where they pay or give store credit for their inventory. Ah well. Learning the lesson the hard way.

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  3. I’m with Bop. See if they’re happy to give you some cash back that you can put toward the additional purchases. Discogs always has sleeve and disc only listings, so you might get lucky.

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