Who Should Be AC/DC’s Bass Player?

I was thinking about this on my ride home Friday night and jotted it down as something to write about this weekend.  I checked the Acca Dacca news this morning and the first article that pops up is:



I almost scrapped the idea this morning but then I started thinking, “What does this loudersound.com got that buriedonmars.wordpress.com doesn’t?”

They only have more readers, clever writers, and they beat me to the punch by about two days… but they don’t have ME and MY thoughts on who I think should be playing bass for AC/DC right now.  So, let’s speculate and get some click bait out!  Here are my picks:




Cliff had been with the band since 1977 and was part of a winning formula.  Why mess with what isn’t broken?  The only issue is his retirement “from the music industry” following the Rock or Bust tour.  That includes touring AND recording. Yeah, that’s a bit of a snag.  But that doesn’t mean Angus couldn’t give him a ring with the idea of recording the album and getting a session musician to work the tour.  I don’t feel this is likely to happen, or that Cliff would agree to it, but it is the most ideal outcome for me.


duff Mckagan


Duff is the most ideal replacement outside of Cliff.  I’m not the biggest Guns ‘N Roses fan outside of Appetite for Destruction, but I can’t deny how well his approach to the instrument would fit AC/DC.  Plus, Angus already has a relationship with Gunners, and Axl did work out very well for the band.


mark evans


Mark was AC/DC’s bass player in the early days for about three years and made it onto three iconic albums from the Bon Scott era: T.N.T., Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, and Let There Be Rock.  I’ve watched and read interviews with Mark online and he seems like a cool dude, but I get the impression the reason for his firing was that he was not up to the task.  But that was 40 years ago and attitudes do change.  I believe it is unlikely to happen, but something similar did occur for The Razor’s Edge drummer Chris Slade who was called in for the Rock or Bust tour.


geezer butler


Geezer Butler is a founding member of Black Sabbath, and therefore, Heavy Metal.  Sabbath is now officially done and there has been no news of him working on any side projects in the works.  So, as far as I know, he has nothing going on right now.  But the understated approach Angus prefers from his bass players wouldn’t mesh will with Geezer’s ferocious attack on the fret board.  Sure, producer George Young slipped a few walking bass lines on some early AC/DC tunes (High Voltage), but it rarely has happened since.  Geezer would require more freedom than AC/DC could allow him, but dang it, he is my favourite bass player and it would be cool to see it happen.


rex brown


We’re probably running into the same issue as we have with Geezer here.  Rex’s style is influenced by jazz music, and more specifically John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.  But he has had some financial issues in the recent past, just lost his long time friend Vinnie Paul, and his solo album released last year made little noise.  So, perhaps the dude might be motivated by cash, and the distraction to hammer a few tunes out and tour.  Plus, I know he is a fan.


scott ian


Scott Ian’s favourite band might be KISS, but he sure is on TV talking about his admiration and respect for AC/DC a lot.  I believe he has an Angus tattoo somewhere on his body as well.  He is mostly known for being a major riff cruncher on the six string for one of the greatest thrash metal bands of all time, but he can handle the bass just fine:

He seems like a guy who would know and understand the gig, and it would be fun to see him tour with the band.


angus young


Of course a session musician would be needed for the likely following tour, but I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that Angus already has a blue print laid out for the bass parts on the new album.  They might even be using Angus’ ruff bass tracks to work with right now.  And you know, it might be fun if they just kept those for the final product.

So, who will really have his (or her) name beside the bass guitar credit on the new album?  Probably no one I mentioned since I’m usually wrong about this stuff.  But, at least I had a little fun while writing this and wasting your time!





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