Angus Young Photographed in Vancouver! Rejoice!

An update to yesterday’s post where current/former members of AC/DC, lead singer Brian Johnson and drummer Phil Rudd, were photographed in Vancouver, the city in which the band had recorded their last three albums.

This, along with the reported sighting of rhythm guitarist Stevie Young with Phil in Vancouver a week prior, was to me a signal that AC/DC was back the studio recording a new album.  But some of who I chatted away with yesterday pointed out how the lack the band’s lead guitarist/Grand Poobah Angus Young presence was a sign of other things.

For one, this could be a solo/side/or new band project thrown together by the former(?) band members.  While others noted how the photo could have been taken in 2014 during the band’s Rock or Bust recordings.  Another internet hoax set to get a reaction out of  a loyal fan base.

Out of both of those possibilities I think I could live with the internet hoax best.  The thought of an album forged by former AC/DC band members without any involvement from Angus would be a very weird thing for me to know exists in this universe.

Well, I got some good news this AM forwarded to me by LeBrain of fame:

angus in vancouver

Yep, the creeps* who wait outside a Vancouver recording studio to snap a photo of the band members successfully captured Angus lighting a cigarette for Stevie Young on the same deck Brain and Phil were on yesterday.  At the very least this should mean that if there is a side project afoot, Angus will be involved in some capacity, which can sit well with me.  But I believe it is by far more likely that AC/DC is back, and rejoined by Brian and Phil.  This makes every willing and able band member who recorded Back In Black is congealed as a single unit again! Huzzah!

angus approves

While I’m not blind to the fact that this could still be a hoax, I think it is unlikely.  Surely by now there would be an official statement from AC/DC or any current/former band members denouncing the rumors.  Or some studious fans would have compared similar photos taken in 2014 to reveal the hoax.  Maybe not, but probably.

Seeing AC/DC move into the recording studio relatively quickly after a tour confirms another belief I have had for the past decade or so.  Following the early ’90’s The Razor’s Edge tour, AC/DC have taken an almost 3-4, sometimes 5 year break after a tour before recording again.  I believed this was due to either Angus or Malcolm unable to keep up with the pace of recording directly after touring. (Any other band member would have been kicked out, lol)

Apologies for the cold notion, but now that Malcolm and his time with the band have passed, Angus is free to get back to his desired schedule.  This band never stops working unless it has too!

*I say creeps with peace and love.  Without them we would never know any of this was going down and I only befit from their dedication to my beloved band.


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