AC/DC’s Let There Be Rock Blu-Ray+DVD Limited Edition Unboxing

In 2011, AC/DC re-released their classic film from 1980, Let There Be Rock onto both Blu-ray and DVD for the first time.  The film was shot only a few months before the passing of their then lead singer, Bon Scott.  For some bizarre reason I hadn’t picked up a copy until recently.  Of course, I had to get the Limited Edition version with all of the extra bits inside, and luckily for me there was still some new/affordable copies floating around on the ebays.

I look forward to seeing how many spins I give this disc.  The box for my VHS copy may give you the impression that it is mint, but the outside was the only part I took care of.  The tape got so many plays I’m not sure how it is still held together.

Stay locked onto this blog for a review of the film sometime in the near future!


  1. Cool beans. I think my VHS copy might still be in the attic somewhere. It was a great gig if I remember right, plus isn’t there some sodding about in a sportscar in the ice too?

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    1. YUP the sodding of the sportscar on the ice was during Walk All Over You…
      Yeah this was AC/DC ripping around on a pretty small stage but shit man they must have been L-O-U-D!

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  2. I have a 4 year old nephew who believes himself to be a rock god. He certainly plays his little guitar like he is one – I mean, not musically, but with all the flair. If pop music comes on, he demands a “guitar song” and “DCDC” is his favourite, makes him climb up on the nearest table and strum like he’s possessed. It’s really given me a renewed appreciation for it.


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