Music Pickups… with wife, Part 3

Ol’ Cup Face has been having most of the luck lately with the finds while I begin my trek into filling out my Black Sabbath collection.


And I remembered to take a photo this time!  Huzzah!



  1. Another nice haul, folks. I haven’t heard that Costello one. Truth be told, I’ve only heard two (Armed Forces and Delivery Man), but I like them both. What others do you have on vinyl?
    Nice to see Lenny 5 in there. I have a real soft spot for that one… I mean, if you ignore the fact that it’s all glossy and the likes, it’s actually a pretty smashin’ and catchy album.
    And you got the Stranger in the Alps album, Sarca! I have that on my list, too. Really like what I heard at JP’s place.
    I know I’ve mentioned my AC/DC journey before, but that Iron Man 2 album was my ‘revisit this lot’ album. Like you say, pure money machine stuff there. And, Astral Weeks is my favourite Van album! Man, you should stick with it…
    … Greta Van Fleet, man… not another one!

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    1. I’m getting the vibe you are hating the Van Fleet? If so, WP must be an annoying place to be these days, eh? lol
      Yep! I got that Bridgers album! It got its hooks in me!
      I look forward to listening to Lenny’s 5.

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      1. Aw man, I didn’t mind them, but if I want to listen to something that sounds like Led Zeppelin I’ll listen to Led Zeppelin. So much praise. There are even folks I know over here talking about them. Mental.

        Lenny 5 is enjoyable. I still like to throw it on every now and again.

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          1. Circus is a goody. He has a few real good rock records and then he had a wee bit of time in the wilderness as a result of 5 – looking to recapture a bit of its success, I guess.

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    2. Love the Fleet! Yeah, I wasn’t feeling Astral Weeks but I’ll give it another try. It takes a while for stuff to grow on me more often than not. The Costello I have are King of America and I can’t recall the name of the other one on vinyl. Both were thrift finds that I picked up for the name alone.


  2. Nice score Folks and a Hip Hooray to my Favourite Two on Video Duo!
    Man,when I think of Henley I think of one big Grump but the dude is talented…
    That ZZ set is cool…
    You two go music shopping you go all out…
    Cool Vid!

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      1. Fair play if it didn’t speak to you! Maybe future listens will reveal more!

        Keep making these videos they rock, I’m so glad you guys are sharing your finds! Also, nice work on the ZZ Top box. I’ve eyed it a long time myself… and for the sleeves, I’d immediately take the CDs out and put them in black slim jewel cases. I never CDs in cardboard sleeves! 🙂

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  3. I have some Don Henley! Not those two though… a comp and the album with Boys of Summer on it. Don’t really know his stuff… just like Boys of Summer!

    Those two Bowie’s are great. Hunky Dory is my favourite of his…. tremendous.

    Great haul!

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  4. Sarca if you’re digging Don Henley don’t listen to Mojo Nixon’s ode to him. Hubby might dig it though. I’m working these shows backwards. Like Keepsmealive I like these shows. The KD moment is worth the watch. Also the indifference to Astral Weeks. I love when sacred cows get that reaction. Sarca 14 – Hubby 7 1/2

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