State of the ‘Blu-ray Reviews’ Address

I began this blog almost a year ago now, and it started as a way for me to catalogue which movies I’ve watched in my Blu-ray collection.  Since I have a nasty habit of forgetting what I’ve watched, writing about them helps me keep things straight in my head.

I was doing well with keeping up with a weekly Blu-ray review post until the end of September when I took a planned short hiatus in October.  It was going to be a busy month for me with a trip to Portland Oregon and there were a few projects I wanted to wrap up before the trip.  Then my Dad passed away suddenly and shit hit the fan.

I started writing again in December, mostly about AC/DC.  Writing and thinking about my favourite band is like comfort food to me and I sorely needed it.  As the months rolled on by, it began to feel silly to me how the site was branded as one about Blu-ray reviews and I hadn’t posted one since September.  So now the blog flies under the banner of “whatever I feel like posting”, which has mostly been about music lately.

The music blogs and AC/DC album reviews will continue, but I need to get back on track with the Blu-ray reviews and Marvel Universe films in particular.  But before I do so, I need to update you fine readers about a couple of things first.

I Made The Jump to 4K UHD

Last November EBGames had a deal where you could upgrade your Xbox One with a small fee of $25 to an Xbox One S.  The fee was discounted even further with my Edge membership to $18.  The big difference between these two machines is how the “S” will play 4K UHD discs.


Now that I had some 4K UHD content I now ‘needed’ a 4K UHD TV to go with it.  I found the thinnest of excuses to let go of my 1080p 48″ Sony Bravia from 2007, and headed over to Canada Computers to grab a 60″ Sony 4K UHD set.  I haven’t regretted spending the money at all.  Although I don’t feel the upgrade is large enough for me to swap out all of my Blu-rays for 4K discs, I have been enjoying the visual boost on new purchases.


Since my collection is standard Blu-rays up to Dr. Strange my first 4K review won’t be until I get to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

I’m Tweaking The Reviews…. slightly

Since the visual and sound quality have largely been fantastic, I’m going to drop the ‘Video’ and ‘Audio’ portions of the reviews unless I see or hear something noteworthy.  Just assume the quality will blow your socks off unless noted otherwise.  Review sections for ‘The Film’, ‘Memorable Moments’, and ‘Special Features’ will stay intact. (Featuring some cars and Stan Lee cameos will be highlighted when required as well.)

So, I guess that is all for the update.  Off to work on a review for the Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron!  Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey man, I’ve enjoyed reading the AC/DC reviews and seeing the swag you guys have grabbed while out and about. Post whatever makes you happy! That’s my motto.

    I’ll look forward to the next Marvel instalment, though.

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  2. My Kiss series has been sorely neglected since November. I keep avoiding going back though I want to finish.

    The MCU has been so goddamn cool lately! Your return to it is timely, and I loved Age of Ultron. I’m glad you are continuing with special features, though these are less important to me now than a few years ago.

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    1. I know the feeling. I’ve been avoiding a Back In Black review like the plague. I no idea what to say about it.
      The MCU films just seem to be getting better as they go. Really enjoyed Thor Ragnarock. Some of those special features are better than the movie itself!

      Liked by 1 person

            1. Sam’s Spidey 1 & 2 both hold a special place in my heart. But since they are not coming back to do another, I’ll take it over the Andrew Garfield ones. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch them.


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