AC/DC Backtracks Collector’s Edition Deluxe Box Set Unboxing

I know this set has been around since 2009 but I just picked it up myself the other day.  Couldn’t believe amazon still had new copies lying around from 9 years ago!  Oof… 2009 was 9 years ago….

The set has been fantastic so far.  I’ve been listening to the tracks and plan on giving the DVDs a spin soon.  Good times!


  1. Now this is cool…had no idea it was an actual amp as well….
    hilarious …
    They certainly packed it well…good to see…
    The audio of this I bought on iTunes …its excellent….

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  2. Glad you have this. I didn’t know Amazon carried it. I ordered mine direct from AC/DC.

    I kept the vinyl sealed on mine, but I sure do love listening to this baby. Well worth it for the music. You won’t find most of this stuff anywhere easily.


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