In Memory of Dad – Live Charity Stream on February 10-11th!

twitchburiedonmarscharity2“If there is anything I can do, let me know.”

I am fortunate enough to have this said to me by many after my Father had passed away this past October.  I know I have said it to others in the past during their time of need.  Every time, it was with a feeling of helplessness knowing that there is not much I can do and not knowing if it does help.  Having been on the other side now, I know it can.

Sarah and I had just landed in Portland, Oregon when we received the news of how a brain aneurysm placed my Father on his deathbed.  We had to come home immediately if we wanted to say goodbye.  That wasn’t going to happen.  We were too far way.

I was sitting at the Vancouver International Airport waiting for a flight back to Toronto when I began reaching out to others on social media.  I let our group who we were to meet up with know what had happened.   Word spread quickly among my online friends and I was floored by the support that flooded in.  Just knowing that people are feeling your struggle is a help.

The words “Let me know if there is anything I can do” stuck with me.  It was said by so many in different ways.  As the weeks passed and the shock wore off I began think that there is something that you can do.  All it would take is a little ground work for me to get it started and the rest would be up to you to help me support it.

What is
Twitch is a website where (mostly) the young broadcast themselves live while playing video games.  Millions of others tune in to watch, and some even tip with real money while they play.  A bit of an odd spot for an old fossil like myself to be in, but it can be a great way to have fun while raising money for a cause I believe in.  

Is watching someone else play a video game fun?
It may sound like a snoozefest but I do find myself doing it more often than I have before.  If the right person is hosting (like myself 😉 ) having fun can be done.  Yesterday, I tuned into a stream by my online friend, TheDonovanViper.  We talked a bit about the game he was playing but mostly live chatted with a few others about getting through the difficult times.  I think that is the appeal of these streams.  You never know what can happen.

What time does the stream take place?
I haven’t worked it all out yet since I am talking to others to extend a helping hand.  It will begin sometime Saturday morning on February 10th.  Updates will be here as soon as I have them.

What is the charity and where is the money going?
I’ve settled on the Heart Research Institute.  My Father’s brain aneurysm was the side effect of the blood thinning medication he had been taking since the late 90’s.  It was discovered that he had a genetic heart condition that made him more susceptible to blood clots than the average person.  Coumadin (or warfarin) was prescribed to him after suffering from two minor heart attacks which gave him 20 years that he probably didn’t have. 

The Heart Research Institute is dedicated to all of their going to research, and I dig that a lot.  They are working right now on improving treatments to have options better than even Coumadin for patients of the future.  Their main hub is in Australia, but their work is international with scientists and doctors around the world, including the US and Canada.  I will be setting up a link on my Twitch channel where people can donate directly to the HRI.  No money will go through me.

Will there be prizes?
Yep. People who donate will be entered into draws for prizes.  Updates coming. Stay tuned.

What exactly can I do?
Donate, silly!  The goal will be to reach $640 Canadian dollars.  February 12th would have been my Father’s 64th Birthday.  Hence, the timing of the stream and the dollar amount.

I want to help but I don’t have any money!
No problem.  There is still a lot you can do!

  • If you stream on Twitch, I’m looking for people to volunteer time.  The longer we are up and running, the better chance we have of reaching the goal amount.  I have a couple of people lined up already but more is needed!
  • Donate a game or item to the cause!  It will be used as a draw prize for those who donate!  Give that extra copy of Earthbound you have lying around to a good person who donates to charity!
  • Spread the word! If you are a content creator with a blog, podcast, make Youtube videos, or on Twitch and share this! Any posting anywhere is appreciated! If you have any kind of social media voice, share this post!

Link me, my good sir.
I will be updating with more posts in the future right here, but here is a link to my Twitch channel if you wish to be proactive with a sub now (or bookmark it if you don’t have an account):

I’m morbid and want to know more about this trip to Portland!
I talk about it here with my friend Ram Vox on the latest episode of our podcast Retro Fandango.  We get into it around 26 minutes in:

Many thanks in advance to all those who read this and wish to help!  If you need to reach out to me you can send me a PM on Twitter, Facebook, or email me


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