I’m Thorry

The number one rule my Retro Fandango co-host Richard (aka THE Ram Vox) and I have on our podcast is to NEVER promise anything.  By that we mean never promise any content.  Never promise you’ll make a video, write a blog, post a podcast, etc.  Because when you do, you create an expectation for you to deliver that content, and sometimes you just can’t or don’t want to anymore.

My situation this week falls into the former.  I just could not get to reviewing Thor this week.  Now technically, I never promised to do it this week but I do feel my weekly schedule might have created an expectation.  So, since I’m outta time to review Thor, I’m going to write about what took up the time and get a little shameless self promotion in as well.  I know at few people here only know me for this blog and as the husband of the super sexy blogger extraordinaire, Sarca Sim.  But I also podcast, make YouTube videos on occasion and…  listen to a ton of music.  Yes, I’m a music fan too!

There was a lot of yard work, a PC issue, and a couple of podcasts to prepare for this week; but what took up most of my time was Mars’ MixTape.   It’s a spin-off of Retro Fandango where I pretend to be a radio DJ and play some music for 90 minutes.  I’m wanting to get these out once a season and there isn’t much summer left if you can believe it.  So, time is ticking.  Plus, with the Barrie Game Exchange coming up (Big time game swap with a lot of friends from all over the US and Canada attending) I knew a lot of people will be traveling.  And maybe my show could entertain them for a bit during the pilgrimage.

The show is a mix of blues, metal, country, 80’s/70’s pop, Motown and mainly rock ‘n roll.  My taste is pretty much anyone influenced by Chuck Berry.  The episode I worked on is the fourth episode and you can check it out here…

Mars' MixTape 4 thumbnail

If you’re hooked, here are the three other episodes:

Mars' MixTape 3 thumbnail

Mars' MixTape Halloween editionMars' Mixtape

I do take requests as long as it fits the format of the show and I like it.  Just shoot me and email at buriedonmars@gmail.com, or do the facebook/Twitter thing.  Or even leave a comment here.  You can subscribe to the feed in iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, etc if you like.  The show shares a feed with Retro Fandango (which is a mighty fine podcast, IMHO) so just search for that.

Thor is coming.  I’m planning on working on it this coming week and to have it posted… but no promises.


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